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JOHN CALVIN TEAGUE, the son of Aquilla Teague & Mary Owen was born August 07, 1841 in Cannon Co., TN, and died November 04, 1914 in Japton, Madison Co., AR-Aurora Cemetery, Madson Co..

He married SARAH LEDBETTER January 11, 1866 in Huntsville, Madison Co., AR, daughter of HUGH LEDBETTER and MARY HERRIMAN. She was born March 14, 1844 in Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN, and died February 04, 1925 in Madison Co., AR-Aurora Cemetery.

Federal Census Records: 1850 - Cannon Co., TN - #445
1860 - haven't been able to find him for some reason
1870 - haven't been able to find them for some reason
1880 - Madison Co., AR - Bowen Twp. #20
1900 - Madison Co., AR - Twp. Unknown
1910 - Madison Co., AR - Lincoln Twp. #282

He had Homestead Certificate #1504 - dated November 3, 1876, for 160 acres (see land description in Application Copy)

Some information [specifically an interview done with Emily Elizabeth Teague Samples when she was 100 years old] indicates that John C. Teague, his brother Thomas "Tob" Teague and their parents were Irish immigrants............see copy of newspaper article on Emily Teague Samples. (we have discovered, with research, that this interview and article contain many errors.....not surprising since Emily was 100 years old at the time.) We have found no reference in any documents to a brother Thomas and from all indications, the Teagues were in America very early on, at least the early 1700's.

However, George Melvel Teague's birth certificate says his father was born in Cannon Co., TN and we believe this to be true. [Note: August of 1999 we recieved copies of John C.'s pension records and they confirm a birthplace of Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN.

He also states that he left Tennessee in 1857 and lived in Madison County, AR since 1866.]

1900 census of Madison Co., AR- - John C. says his father was born in Ohio and his mother in Illinois.

In 1880 he says father in GA and mother in TN. In 1910 he says father in TN, mother in TN. We can assume, I think, that he really didn't know where they were born.

Many historical sources list John's middle name as Calvin but he is listed as John Cambel Teague on his son George's delayed birth certificate. As far as we can tell, the listing on the birth certificate was in error.....all other genealogical references, including marriage records and military records, list his middle name as Calvin

**John C. was in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.....Company A, 14th Powers Arkansas Infantry. (See copies of his pay records)

**Two Arkansas Infantry units bore the number Fourteen. This regiment - Mitchell's/Powers' - was the first to be given the designation.

Organized in the fall of 1861, the unit's members had been recruited primarily in the western most counties of the state. The unit was mustered into Confederate service at Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Like almost all Civil War units, the regiment was frequently known by an alternate designation derived from the name of the unit's commanding officer. Names of this type which have been identified as having been used by or the the regiment are listed as:

M. C. Mitchell's Infantry
Frank Powers' Infantry
O.P. Lyles' Infantry
Pleasant Fowler's Infantry
E. H. Messick's Infantry

The regiment served both west of the Mississippi River and east of it. The Fourteenth Arkansas Infantry participated in the engagements listed during its short career:

> Battle, Corinth, MS
Mar. 6-8, 1862 Battle, Pea Ridge, Bentonville, Leetown, and Elkhorn Tavern, AR
Apr. 29-May 30, 1862 Advance on and seige of Corinth, MS
May 30-June 12, 1862 Pursuit to Bonneville, MS
Sept. 19, 1862 Engagement, Luka, MS
Oct. 3-4, 1862
Oct. 5-12, 1862 Pursuit to the Hatchie River, MS
Oct. 31, 1862-Jan. 10, 1863 Operations on the Mississippi Central RR from Bolivar, TN to Coffeeville, MS (Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign)
Mar.7-27, 1863 Operations against Port Hudson, LA
May 24-July 9, 1863 Siege, Port Hudson, LA
May 27, 1863 Assault, Port Hudson, LA
June 14, 1863 Assault, Port Hudson, LA
July 9, 1863 Surrender, Port Hudson, LA

The members of the regiment were captured at Port Hudson, LA. After being exchanged, the members returned to Arkansas. There exists no evidence to indicate that any attempt was made to reorganize the regiment. Members of the unit might have seen additional active duty in one of the Arkansas regiments raised late in 1863 or early 1864.

John C. Teague also served in the "Union Walking Army" as a musician. He served in the 1st Union Arkansas Infantry, Company B. His payroll slips say he was "on daily duty as a musician".

His enlistment description states "age 23, height 5' 7", complexion dark, eyes blue, hair dark. [Also see copies of his pension records].

John is buried at the Aurora Cemetery, Madison Co, AR - his gravestone says Union Army-1st Arkansas Infantry. We also have him in the "Damned Yankees" listing of Union Army Veterans. We believe that after he was paroled home from capture at Port Hudson, he decided to fight for the other side in order to continue to draw a paycheck and feed his family. He states in his Union Army pension records that he was conscripted and served with the Confederate Army "for awhile".


Note from family conversation was that Sara Ledbetter may have been part Cherokee Indian. However, we find no evidence of this.

Some info. obtained from IGI at LDS library

Sarah's obituary and the 1900 census say that she was the mother of 13 children, 11 of whom lived to adulthood.

Marriage Notes for JOHN TEAGUE and SARAH LEDBETTER: Married by Robert Lee, minister (source: pension records )


EMILY ELIZABETH "LIZ" TEAGUE, b. December 14, 1866, Madison Co., AR.

MARY GALVESTON TEAGUE, b. March 19, 1869, Madison Co., AR. She married ROBERT JOHN BOATRIGHT 1890 in Madison Co., AR.

JAMES ABRAHAM "JIM"TEAGUE, b. May 21, 1870, Madison Co., AR; d. January 25, 1937, Madison Co., AR-Huntsville Cemetery.

NANCY JANE "NANCE" TEAGUE, b. January 22, 1872, Madison Co., AR; d. 1967, Madison Co., AR -Aurora Cemetery. She married (1) MCKINNEY. She married (2) JAMES R. BYFORD.

THOMAS JOSEPH "DOC" TEAGUE, b. August 29, 1873, Madison Co., AR; d. March 24, 1956, Madison Co., AR-Aurora Cemetery.

SARAH "AMANDA" TEAGUE, b. June 22, 1875, Madison Co., AR; d. November 04, 1918, Madison Co., AR-Aurora Cemetery. She married JAMES NORTH WILLIAMS.

Notes for SARAH "AMANDA" TEAGUE: Amanda died of flu in an epidemic that also killed four of her children.

JOHN R. TEAGUE, b. March 23, 1878, Madison Co., AR; d. Aft. 1951, Madison Co., AR-Ledbetter Cem.-Row 12; m. CHARLOTTE TENNESSEE "TENNIE" BALL, January 02, 1910, Madison Co., AR; b. July 1882, AR; d. Aft. 1951, Madison Co., AR-Ledbetter Cem..

AQUILLA PRESTON "PRESS" TEAGUE, b. October 28, 1879, Madison Co., AR; d. 1968, Madison Co., AR-Aurora Cemetery.

ROBERT HOUSTON "BOB" TEAGUE, b. June 28, 1882, Madison Co., AR; d. February 18, 1931, AR.

WILLIAM H. "BILL" TEAGUE, b. April 07, 1884, Madison Co., AR; d. December 1958, Salinas, Monterey Co. California-Salinas Cem..

GEORGE MELVEL TEAGUE, b. October 11, 1885; d. April 27, 1965, Yakima, Yakima Co., Washington-Terrace Heights Mem. Park.

ALBERT E. TEAGUE, b. June 20, 1888, Madison Co., AR; d. December 1895, Madison Co., AR-Aurora Cemetery.

INFANT TEAGUE, b. Unknown.

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