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Researching Teagues in America

David Teague
Rev. Edward Teague of Burke (later Alexander) County, < William Teague & his second wife Isabella, < Edward Teague of Maryland/Virginia.
Kathleen T. McGuire
MD/NC Edward Teague 1660's,> Wm,> Rev Edward, > John, > Edward (Buncombe and Madison Co.,NC)any documentation or pictures appreciated.
Kurt Gahan
decendants and ancestors of Edward Teague abt. 1660 Maryland, USA. I am the 7th great grandson of Edward. through my grandmother Linette Teague born 1908 in Laurens county , South Carolina, USA. She is still living and will be 92 this year.
Martha Teague
TX and MO
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Jeannette Robertson Schleigh
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Earl Lulloff
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Suzan Cook
Edward Teague of Maryland/Virginia
Linda Bell
Edward Teague of Cecil County, Maryland
Sandy McBeth
I am a descendant of Edward Teague, III b. 19 November 1786, Iredell Co., NC d. 27 September 1855, Pike Co., IN married (1)- date unknown - Mary Overman b. 7 July 1790 d. 7 October 1846, Pike Co., In (2) 11 April 1847, Pike Co., In Elizabeth Peach.
Ronald Howell Teague
I am trying to tie Isabella Loftin Teague, married to William Teague, of Cecil County, Maryland, circa 1700, back to Leonard Loftin. Whom arrived in America in 1636 on the ship West.
Randy Teague
William Carson Teague from High Point, NC had two brothers, Lester and Hunter, and a sister named Gertrude. William Carson moved to New Jersey.
Boyce Edwards Morris
Vandiver Teague, born August 12,1787 and died March 13, 1872 in Alexander Co.,N.C. was married to Elinor Teague, born April 08, 1785 and died April 22,1839. He was the son of William Teague, Jr. and she was the daughter of John Teague. Vandiver had a Will naming his daughter, Nancy Austin. Nancy is my great-great-grandmother. If anyone is related to Vandiver and his children, please E-mail me and we'll exchange information.
Denise Chatham
My 5th great-grandparents were Thomas MCADAMS and Sarah TEAGUE. His first wife was Mary TEAGUE, Sarah's aunt. Mary's father (Sarah's grandfather) was Joshua TEAGUE, his grandfather was supposedly Edward Teague.
Lewis Worthington
Francis Calhoun Teague, son of Redden Stokes Teague
Dane A. Looman
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Rita Joyner
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David Ralph Teague Looking for info on the children of Joseph C. Teague, descendant of Edward, William Sr., William Jr., and Magness (Magnus).
Betty Teague
Edward Teague b1655 m Susan b 1665 Va. William Teague b 1693 m Isabella Loftin c 1714 Maryland Rev. Edward Teague c 1716 Maryland Vandever Vanswearing Teague b 1744 Va. Vandever Vanswearing Teague Jr. b 1777 No. Carolina William Carrol Davis Teague b 1824 Ky. Van Mansel Teague b 1847 Ill. Walker Elmer Teague b 1844 Mo. Arthur Lawrence b 1907 in Ok. I would like to correspond with anyone researching these lines
gloria Izzi Edward Teague(b.)1660 Teggs Delight,Cecil Co.,Maryland (d.)mar 9,1696 Cecil Co.,Maryland (m.) abt 1685 Susan Welch b.1663 (d.)apr 3, 1741 > William I Abel Teague (b.)aug 25,1695 Teggs Delight,Cecil Co.,Maryland (m.)1714 Isabell Loftin (b.)dec 19,1693 Baltimore,Maryland (d.)abt 1762 > Moses Teague(b.)mar 3,1718 Cecil Co.,maryland (d.) abt 1799 Chatham, N.C. (m.)1737 Elizabeth Loftin (b).jan 1,1713 Frederick Co.,Maryland (d.)nov 12,1757 Chatham,N.C. > Isaac Newton Teague (b.)abt 1748 Frederick Co.,Maryland (d.)june 10,1824 Moore Co.,N.C. (m.)abt 1779 Judith > Jacob Teague (b.)abt 1786 Rowan.,N.C. (m.)Unknown Nall >William Teague (b.)mar 20,1819 Chatham N.C. (d.)mar 1,1882 Surry Co.,N.C. (m.)may 26,1839 Anna Caviness (b.)abt 1820 Chatham., N.C. > William Swaim Teague (b.)apr 26,1852 Carthage Town,Moore Co.,N.C. (d.)sept 5,1931 Rockingham Co.,N.c. (m.)aug 21,1871 N.C. Mary Francis Durham(b.)dec 9,1851 Carthage Town,Moore Co.,N.C. (d.)jan 21,1934 > Nora Francis Teague (b.)abt 1874 (d.)aug 9,1930 Leaksville(now Eden)Rockingham Co.,N.C. (m.)1st. Hampton II Bynum Brown (b.)abt 1860 Mount Airy,Surry Co.,N.C. (d.)mar 20 1897 (m.)2nd. abt 1902 William Early Seal(b.)abt 1879 Mt Airy,Surry Co.,N.C. > Ronald I Earl Brown (b.)mar 18,1896 mt Airy,Surry Co.,N.C.(d.)mar 6,1977 Eden,Rockingham Co.,N.C. (m.)june 28,1916 Grace Thompson Washburn (b.)feb 25,1893 Eden,Rockingham Co., N.C. (d.) mar 17 1978 Eden, Rockingham Co., N.C. Children of Nora Francis Teague & William Early Seal William Seal, Elma Seal, Eugene Seal, Joseph Orville Seal, Richard Seal, Grace Seal, Child of Ronald Brown & Grace Thompson Washburn Ronald II Earl Brown (b.)aug 20,1923 Eden(Leaksville),Rockingham Co.,N.C. d. may 27,1984 Chicago,Cook Co.,IL (m.)nov 28,1945 Berlin,Germany(during WWII both in Army)Hazel Juanita Morgan (b.)nov 26,1921 Etowah,McMinn Co.,Tennessee (d.)feb 17,2000 Sweetwater,Monroe Co.,Tennessee Child of Ronald I Brown & Hazel Juanita Morgan Gloria Leah Brown Izzi (b.14,1952(submitter)Sweetwater,Monroe Co.,Tennessee
Marc A. Isaacs My grandmother is Myrtle (no middle name) Teague. She married Benjamin Jennings Isaacs 15 January1930. She was born 21 January 1908 in Knowles, Eddy County, New Mexico. Ben was born 23 May 1908. Her parents were John Joiner (Jack) Teague b. 2 January 1880 in McCulloch County, Texas to Dink Lavada Armstrong in 2 March 1887. John's parents were Redden Stokes Teague b. 22 October 1850 in Izard, Arkansas and Mary Elvina Cosper b. 1850. Reddenstokes parents were John Joiner Teague b. 2 April 1822 in Independence County, Arkansas and Mary Elvira Young b. 18 August 1824. John's parents were John Teague b. 1796 in Christian County, Kentucky and Zilpha Stokes b. 1800. John's parents were Vandever Swearengen Teague b. 1744 in Frederick, Virginia to Mary M. Carpenter. Vandever's parents were Edward Teague(rev) b. 1716 in Cecil Maryland to Lurannah Van Swearingen b. 15 February 1715. Edward's parents were William Teague b. 1693 in Cecil, Maryland to Isabella Loftin b. 19 December 1693.
Lee A. Teague
All information ... starting at Edward Teague. I also have a pretty good list from John Bartley Teague b-6 Dec 1858 to present.
Scott Gabrielson
I am researching the descendants of Lurrana Teague b. 1762 who married Issac Watts in 1779, in NC. Lurana Teague is the daughter of William Teague & Eleanor Symington. Lurana and Issac had 9 children. My wife is a descendant.
Jolynne Waits
Isaac Teague born April 4, 1797, NC.
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Wayne Henry Cobb
My great grandfather was Henry Groten Teague, the son of John Teague, grandson of Michael Teague, great grandson of John Teague, gggrandson of Edward Teague, ggggrandson of William Teague, and the gggggrandson of Edward Teague of Cecil Co., Maryland (c.1660 - 1697).
Patrick Spreng
Edward Teague of Maryland
James McCluer
Edward Teague of Maryland
Tami Hill
Am a decendent of Hannah Teague b-12-1-1863 Ark. married Lee Lay Welch. Daughter of Dr. Joshua Teague from Nimrod.
Martha Smith Descended from Edward Teague (1655-1696/97) + Susan as follows -- 1- EDWARD TEAGUE A- WILLIAM TEAGUE 1)-JOSHUA TEAGUE a- ANN SOPHIA TEAGUE + JOHN LYON My 3G.G.Father - John LYON (1771, Albemarle, VA - 1852, Shelby Co, AL) mar. (Ann) Sophia TEAGUE (1774, SC- aft. 1850, Shelby Co, AL) abt. 1794 in SC. Exactly when they moved to Alabama is debatable, but his appearance in Shelby Co, AL records (church/probate) occurs between 1828-1832; and his will was probated there in 1852. According to his will, their children were : Joshua, Robert, Ann (m. HOLCOMBE), Mary Nell "Polly", John Jr., and Elijah LYON (b.- ca.1813, KY). Would be very interesting to know if our EDWARD TEAGUE was Irish, Scot, or English...
Jeff Teague Of the Edward Teague line. Researched it years ago in the Alexander and Catawba Co. libraries.
Linda T. Scalpati Researching Moses Teague and wife, Elizabeth Loftin. I am related through their son, William Able and wife, Jennie Dorsett. Their son, Hezekiah, is my gggrandfather. I would like to find anyone that is related to Hezekiah... through either of his two marriages. Hezekiah was born in 1816 in NC, and raised two families there.
Emma Jean Ponder Wood Edward Teague (1660-1697), William Teague (1693-1775), Moses teague Sr (1718-1799, Moses Teague Jr. (1739-1793, Aaron Teague 1770-1844), Abraham Teague (1797-1870, Elijah Pope Teague (1823-1888), William Brown Teague 1850-1944), Mattie T. Teague 1895-1960)
William Boyd Wood Jr. Edward Teague (ca. 1655-1697) & Susan > William Teague (ca. 1693-1762) & Isabella Loftin (or Pennington) > Elijah Teague (ca. 1726-1762) & Alsie Davis (or Morgan or Kennedy) > Elijah Teague (1767-1843) & Sarah Morgan > Joshua Teague (1791-1864) & Agnes Caldwell > James C. Teague (1823-1885) & Olivia A. Scott > Jonathan D'Arnold Teague (1856-1939) & Mary Thomas "Mollie" Whitfield > Hattie Agnes Teague (1891-1917) & Walter Warren Wood > William Boyd Wood (1910-1991) & Doris Torbert > William Boyd Wood Jr. Migration pattern: Cecil Co MD > Frederick Co VA > Rowan Co NC > Newberry Co SC > Benton/Calhoun Co AL > Grimes Co TX > Montgomery Co AL > St Louis Co MO > Allegany Co MD. Will be delighted to share information with anyone connected.
Betty Gray-McKinley Mother: Kathryn Vivian LaRoe Gray, b 12-21-1920, Vinita, Craig, OK; d. 1-13-1992, Granite City, Madison, IL. daughter of: Bettie Cathryn Teague LaRoe, b 6-30-1898, big Flat, Baxter, AR; d. 12-8-1986, Mtn View, Stone, AR. Daughter of: Sterling Price Teague, b. 5-15-1862, Izard, AR; d. 12-24-1932, Allison, Stone, AR; married Nancy Paradine Sexton, 9-30-1882, Stone, AR. Son of: Isaac Teague, b. 1825, Whitley, KY; d. 4-9-1885, Stone, AR; married Margaret Jane Miller, abt 1846, Cherokee, AL. Son of: Joshua Teague, b. 1776; d.1832, TN/AL; married Martha Elizabeth Clemmons. Son of: William Teague, b. 1752, NC; d. 1835, Whitley, KY; married Elizabeth. Son of: Moses Teague and Elizabeth Laughtin. Then the lineage is known before them.
Patricia Ann (Pat) Teague Garcia I would like information on Edward Teague before he came to America. Where was he from and his reason for coming to the United States .I know that he arrived in this country in 1675 , in Maryland .
Robert Jackson Teague
looking for parents/ancestors of Edward Teague (born about 1660 in Ireland, wife named Susan, 3 children -- William, Catherine, Ann). I have info an his descendents down to me.
Phil smith My g grandfather was Chesley Judson Teague from St. Clair County, Alabqma. He died in 1890. His father was John Williams Teague who died in Shelby County. John's dad was Rev. James Teague of SC and his dad dad was Joshua Teague of Laurens County, SC. I have a pretty good handle on this family.
Barbara Teague Capt. Elijah Teague & his wife, Alice, ca 1726-1780, MD, VA, NC, SC. Samuel Teague & Rebecca Furnas Teague, ca 1759-1841 NC, SC, OH Moses Teague & Jane Coppock Teague ca 1794-1871 SC, OH John Teague & Susan Wheelock Teague ca 1821-1898 OH My line: Barbara Teague/Louis/Charles/Lyman/John/Moses/Samuel/Elijah/William/Edward
Elaine Worley
I have recently discovered that Susannah Teague,b.1761, daughter of Elijah Teague and Ailsey Davis, is my gggreat-grandmother. My line is through her son, Dr. Joseph W. Summers. Would be happy to share the info I have, if anyone is interested.
Bradley Gilbert
Grandson of Howard Isaac Teague, who was the son of William Webster Teague. From the Edward Teague, Maryland. Please note that my grandfathers death notice stated that he was born 19 Mar 1889. He had a son Howard and a daughter Alsas Lorraine Teague (Gilbert)
Bill Rainwater
My line: Edward (c.1659-1697), William (1695-1775), Edward (1716-1810), John (1751-1818), Michael (1785-?), Joab (1812-1880), Logan (1848-1918), Edna (1888-1961). Could use help on these spouses:Martha Simonton m. John Teague c 1776, Sarah Killian m. Michael Teague ca1805-10 and Delialah Beck b. NC M. Indiana 12/21/1835 to Joab A. Teague
Dolores Cook
Charity Teague and John Swaim Sr. married 1744 in VA They are my 6th Greatgrandparents!
Cory Teague
I have tracked my lineage back to the "presumed" first Teague in America -- John Teague b. 1635 in England.. If any has any info about his parents and so forth please send any information.
Billie Jones
My husbands family connects to the Teague line when Mary Levina TEAGUE b: Abt. 1834 in Ga./NC d: Bet. 1861 - 1864 marries Henry Washington SEABOLT b: December 20, 1830 in Ga. d: November 07, 1902 in Cherokee Co., NC. m: July 21, 1853 in Union Co, Ga.Burial: Hanging Dog Cemetery, Cherokee Co., NC. I have had others help me connect this line back to William Teague of England. Direct linage seems to be as follows: 1- William Teague b England; 2. Edward Teague b ca 1660 England m. Susan Pennington; 3. William Teague b ca 1693, Cecil Co, MD m Isabella Loftin 4. William Teague b July 31, 1733, Cecil co., MD m Eleanot Simonton 5. Nimrod Teague b ca 1772 found in NC/SC/TN then GA m Lydia ? 6. Merriman Teague b. ca 1798 Iredell, NC m Anna Coffee 7. daughter Mary Levina Teague b. ca 1834, NC m. Henry Washington Seabolt listed above. They were the parents of: 2 William Alexander SEABOLT b: October 20, 1854 in GA. d: Bet. October 02 - 18, 1955 Burial: Zion Church Cem, Suches Ga. or Epworth Ga? m Rebecca Jane Elizabeth FRADY b: October 22, 1855 d: Bet. January 01 - 31, 1922 m: January 23, 1876(this is my line) 2 Sarah E. SEABOLT b: 1857 in Union Co., GA. d: 1942 in Cherokee Co., NC. m. Presley Monroe Garrett 2 Allie SEABOLT b: 1859 2 Monroe SEABOLT b: 1861 Have lots of Teague information sent to me by several other reseachers, and am willing to share. Am particularly interested in connecting with someone who relates to the Teague/Seabolt connection and also obtaining transcribed Bible Records, wills, burial locations, pictures etc to help prove connections that have been made.
Tracye Looking for Teague Ancestorial photos Also would love to find where the Teague Trail leads in England ... Have only gotten as far back as Edward Teague born in Bristol England in 1660 immigrated to US and lived in Cecil Co Maryland. What ship did he immigrate on etc. Any information particularly pictures would be very appreciated!
Conway William Teague & wife Isabella had following children- 1.Rev. Edward Teague b.c. 1716 Maryland, 2.Moses Teague b.c. 1718 wife #1. Elizabeth Loptin #2. Rachel Taylor,3. Abraham b.1720 wife Anna unk 4.Charity b 1722 5. Elijah b. 1726 wife Alice unk 6. Susannah b.1730 7. Joshua b.c.1732 wife Dorothy unk 8. William Jr. b. 1733 wife Eleanor unk and last Rachel b.c. 1735 who married Col. David Shephard. My line comes through William,to son Abraham,to son John and wife Martha Ledford through their daughter Lydia Teague who married John Welborn. Lydia's sibblings were Wm,Elizabeth, Anna,Rebecca, Phebe, Hulda, Abigail,Martha and Ester. Any information on any of these families would be appreciated. I have some research on Teague that I will share.Also have Welborn information.
Gordon Byers
Joseph TEAGUE, 1823-1885 of Trimble Co, Ky and Aitchison Co, Mo
Gail Brown
AR and MO. Descendants of Pearson Teague & Delilah Whitehead.
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Debbie Chilton Teague
AR and MO. Descendants of Pearson Teague & Delilah Whitehead.
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Rosey Teague Norris
My father was Raymond J.D. Teague whose father was Jessie Teague whose father was Pierce Teague whose father was Pearson Teague born 1805 in Kentucky. Pearson children were Davis, John, Pierce, Polly, Glansberry, Asberry, Absolum and Joseph. I am trying to trace down Pearson Teague's parents.
Pat Beling
Dr. Horrace Teague of Massachusetts.
John F. Teague
I am looking for information on my great-grandfather, Thomas Teague who was born in 1853 and for many years was a dairy farmer in Worcester, Mass. He is buried in Newport, N.H. I have also run into the name John Teague at Ellis Island. The only information given is country of origin--Ireland. Does anyone know of this person?
Sr Karen Teague
Daniel Teague, said to have come to America in 1678. He married in the Boston/Hingham area of Massachusetts and is said to have had five known children. His grandson John is said to have moved to and Married in Salem MA
Lee Honeycutt
Wife's grandmother was Nannie Teague b. Oct. 4, 1889 in Gaffney, SC married John Wlllard Bright. Her father was Henry Teague b. Abt. 1860 married Ellen ?. Looking for information on this family line.
Charles Dailey Looking for information on the children of Henry P. Teague bprn 22Dec. 1835 Newberry Co. SC. - died 29 Oct. 1903 San Augustine Co. Texas. Children were born in Kaufman, Kaufman Co. Texas. 1. Clarence L. Teague 2. Gertrude (trudy) Teague 3. George Lee Teague 4. James N. Teague 5. Henry Pitts Teague 6. Frances (Fannie) Teague, My grandmother. H.P. Teague was married to Frances D. (fannie) Sparks. He was a lawyer and a judge in Kaufman. I think that some of the Children moved to Oklahoma. Any info. would be helpful.
Ed Gentzler
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Rosemary Teague
Benjamin Teague b.1798 father of Isaac C. Teague b. 1821 SC need a copy of Benton Co. AL probate for will of Benjamin Teague d. 1874. Would like to prove Isaac as his oldest son. The family bible may be out there somewhere with all birth and death records of Benjamin's Family. I have a copy of Isaac's family bible.
Bev Johnson
Elizabeth Teague or Tague was born c1831 in TN (according to census records) She married James H. Mason c1849 in KY (according to his obituary). She died 13 Sep 1861 in Mercer Co, MO in childbirth. She is buried in Underwood Cemetery north of Princeton, Mercer Co, MO. Names of her children were: Sarah, Isaac, Cordelia, Delilah and Polly. I'm trying to find her parents and siblings. This is all the info I have on her. Any clues?
William Link Levan
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Carolyn Teague
Fred Paul TEAGUE
Paul Frederick TEAGUE
Paul and David went to Florida from Johnson City, Tennessee about 1930.
Janie Ralls
Richard Alexander Teague, born 1833 in Tennessee.
Tina Teague
My grandfather was Fred Teague. He married Sallie Mae Cofer in Tennessee. They lived in the Selmer, Tennessee area.
Joey Teague
Our line as far back as we can go is in Tennessee, and then to Arkansas. Nathaniel Teague married Mary Ann Ragsdale circa 1820's. He was born in Tennessee but we aren't sure where.
Cecily G. Steele
Jessie Elizabeth Teague
JoAn Elkins
Cansadie C. Teague, born 1854 Iowa\Missouri, Died 1937 Pasden, OK, Dau of Jas. Tigue
John Teague
James Coy Teague b. 1894 Birmingham AL. He had one son named James Coy Teague II b. 1913. James Coy Teague II had three children John R. Teague Sr. (my father), James Coy Teague III, and Cornelius Teague( passed age 14). My g-grandfather was a machine gunner in world war I and his grandfather was rumored to have been from Ireland by way of France but no one knows his name.
Pam Jenkins
Michael TEAGUE b. Bef. 1798 (location unknown) death unknown, married to Catherine HOLDER, b. bef. 1800. Had at least two daughters: Lydia Margaret TEAGUE, b. bef 1825 married to James CARMICHAEL in Monroe County, IN. Daughter #2 is Elizabeth TEAGUE.
Faye Teague
Francis Teague, Buried in Australia
Benjamine Sherman Teague /married Lauina s. Lambert
Willian Sherman Teague 8/3/1863 m.Lissie McKenney d.12/6/1938
William's children are
Benjamine Sherman Teague 9/17/1886 Skowhegan Maine Effie Estella Teague 9/8/1888 " Frank Edgar Teague 7/17/? Fort Fairfield, Maine Winford Samuel Teague 9/4/1892 " Annie Amalda Teague 3/8/1895 " Lynwood Earl Teague 2/8/1898 " Addie Fidelie(sp)Teague 5/28/1900 " Nicholas William Teague 9/9/1902 " Clayton Floyd Teague 6/10/1905 " Clinton Leslie Teague 6/10/1905 "
Steve Peters
Marinda "Rindy" Teague may be the daughter of : John Teague b. c1792 d. bef 1860 Martha Webster b. c 1804
Believe Marinda Teague was born in Alexander or Wilkes County, NC.
Sylvia Strahan
Lorenzo/Lorenzy May Teague - died 12/2/1908 aged 27. ?Ft Smith Arkansas
Joshua Teague married Annie Boggs. Children were: Molly Teague Noland, Will Teague and Bubba Teague. Molly married James Stephen Noland
Rose Anderson
Thomas Able TIGUE b 03-08-1830 d. 11-11-1907 married Nancy Smith Maidwell b.01-09-1850 d.02-17-1902. Children:William Henry b.03-02-1874 d.09-04-1965(married Martha Jane Graham b.11-12-1873 d.04-18-1953) GreenLee (married Manda J. Setzer) and Josephine (Married Marion Wilson?).
Ruth Teague Taylor
My father is/was Denver Richard Teague, son of Alfred Wesly Teague.
Kathy Roberts Hardin
Rhoda Elizabeth Teague (wife of Joel William Hudson), parents: John Wesley Teague and Lucinda Jane Esslinger
Tom Halter
Stephen Teague, Born 1858, Died October 21, 1929 in Evansville, Indiana. John Speed Teague born 1880 in Jackson Co. Kentucky, schoolteacher, Spanish American War Vet Buried In Cumberland Gap Cemetery near Jackson CO. Ky. Married Nancy Margaret Morgan 7/27/13 in Clay Co. KY.
Shallow Harris
Researching Joseph H. Teague b. ca 1860 in Clay County, Kentucky. His parents were Isaac, b. ca. 1817 and Mary (don't have maiden name) Teague, b. ca 1827 Joseph H. Teague married Susan Smallwood in Clay County, Kentucky. Their children- Harve, Nelis(Red), and Theodocia Teague.
Linda Long
Sara Welch James Willis Teague born in the 1830's, NC & MO
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Loretta Yelderman
Looking for Ggrandparents Lydia Margaret Teague who married Issac Newton Evans in 1853 in Anniston, Alabama. later moved to Texas.
Curtis Scholl
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Tiffany Shoop
CORA JANE TEAGUE my father's mother, and my grandmother on my father's side. She was married to David Columbus Pettett/Pettit. Her sister's name was STELLA MAE TEAGUE. Cora is buried at the Crossroads Baptist Church near Taylorville, GA.
Joan Morgan
William Swaim Teague married Mary Frances Durham aug 21 1878 is surrey county NC.
Marilyn Daniels
TN and AR
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Judy Teague Rodgers
NIMROD TEAGUE born 1773 in Moore or Iredell, NC; married Lydia ? about 1796 in NC; died 1827 in Burke Co., NC. His father: William Abel Teague (1733). NIMROD & LYDIA had 8 children (Isaac Curry Teague being my line).
Allyson de Nanne
Logan Teague was my grandfather. He had a son in the U S called Logan Teague before moving to Ecuador where he married my grandmother. My fathers name was George W. Teague (born June 3, 1931 in Huigra, Ecuador), and he had 2 brothers and 1 sister, Walter C. Teague and James H. Teague (deceased), and Alice Badia who is married to Fremio Badia.
Nikki Teague Rogers
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Elaine Berk
ELIZABETH TEAGUE. She is my ggrndmother. One of her Children's name was ADELINE b. in 1877. Adeline married ALBERT PETTIT. They lived in PA outside of Philadelphia.
Karen Teague Banks
John Hezekiah Teague, Sr. b. 16 Feb 1809 in Wythe Co. Va.. died 21 Sep 1847 in Winston (now Cullman) Co. AL; moved to Tenn. where he married Louisa Jenings
Marian Parrish Watson Wanting to contact any family of Marion Francis Teague, Taneyville, Mo. and Ellen Whelchell.
Ethel Stockton
Does anyone know the parents of MICHAEL TEAGUE. He married Ruth BASKETT and had 2 girls, Sarah and Mary. Sarah m John Laws Mary m Joseph Lowe. All of NC. Michael appears to be the son of Moses Teague and Rachel Taylor
Tom Hill
Researching Teagues from MD to VA, NC, SC, AL, AR, TX and every where in between.
Ada Wease Meyer
Indiana, Maryland
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Angela Steffke
In 1864 William F. Teague married a Mrs. Elizabeth (Mansker)Moore after her first husband's death (John Moore in 1863). I am looking for death dates in order to obtain death certificates and or obituaries for them both. They were married in Randolph Co., IL. Elizabeth was born about 1830, but I do not know who her parent's were. She and her first husband John show up in the 1850 census, where she claims to be 20. She and John had 4 children : Solinda, Willis, and 2 others whose names I can't recall. I know that William Teague obtained several land Patents between the years 1848 and 1856 in Randolph Co.
Shirl Ann Teague Steward
I am looking for anyone who might know anything about my father's (or mother's) parents or family. My grandfather was supposedly named Edgar Allan Teague (after the poet) and was married to a Josephine MacPherson and supposedly born in the U.K. I am looking for a birth or death certificate for Josephine who I am guessing would have been born in the early 1890's or thereabouts. My father had a head injury about ten years prior to his death and all records were lost. My father's name was Woodrow Wilson Teague, born approx. 5/16/1912 in Laurens County, S.C. (died 2/14/91) He was married to Julia Bell Hill, born approx. 8/10/1907 (died 2/18/90) My father had a twin brother named Harold Teague who moved to California, also deceased and at least one sister named Uness. I was born Shirley Ann Teague, 12/16/1948 in Manchester, NH.
Teresa Harper
my great-great-great grandfather was Dr Joshua Teague who lived in the Nimrod, Texas area. His daughter, Josephine married William Plummer. any info appreciated.
Pearley Ratton
Alabama, Arizona
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Hettie Teague Page
AL, TX and NM
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Claudia Lee
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Wanda Marsh
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Francis Martin
I descended through Thomas Joshua Teague son of Silas Joshua Teague from Whitley County Kentucky.Thomas's daughter Sophronia Emmaline was my grandmother.
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Elaine Teague Piccione
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Opal Waters
father was Clarence Arthur Teague born in Colorado 1916 grandfather Clarence Teague b. 1891 Co.,gg grandfather Alva Scott Teague b. 186l Dallas,Tx,ggg Elihu Alva b.1826b. Ind,his wife was Sarah L. Brock b. 1828 Mo.,Solomon Teague b.1778/80 N.C.wife Nancy Dorsett, John Teague b.1752/55 in Md. wife Martha Simonton, Edward Teague b.1716 Md. wife Lurannah Van Swearingen, William teague b. 1693 Md,wife Isabella Penington, Edward Teague b.1660 wife was Susan. Would like to share information on these families with Teagues searching these lines.
Justin Teague
My Grandfather was Jesse William Teague. I do not know exactly where he was born. Somewhere in Southeast Missouri. He had 5 daughters & 8 sons. My dad is one of his sons. I'm looking for more information about his father, which is my great-grandfather.
Shawn Teague
My great,great,great grandfather was DANIEL WEBSTER TEAGUE 1853-1924 he settled in Van Buren CO. ARK somewhere around 1870 . I have no idea where he came from . he is as far back as i can trace ,i am hoping that someone else knows more than me .
Connie Robinson My husbands grandmother was Vera Alma Teague, she married Thelma Lloyd. Her father was Tyrell Loyd Teague m. Effie Mobley, they also had a son Loyd Edward Teague, we know nothing about him, I would like infor on him.Tyrell's father was James Vandever (Vandover) Teague he married Elizabeth Barnes Watts, they both died in Dye Mounds, Montague, TX, their children were Tyrell Loyd, Cora May, Furman Ash, Nora Etter, Arthur Ross, Coit Roy, and Zora--any info on them would be appreciated.
Verda "Teague" Fulkerson
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Lemuel S. Teague
My grandmother's name was Hazel Teague, not real sure what her surname was. She was born in Knoux County, KY, on 3-10-1922 and she died on 9-17-1998, in Trenton FL. Searching for my grandfather's name, know his nick-name but not sure of birth name. Any info would be helpful.
Bobbie Teague Miller
Edward Wheeler Teague, son of William Willis Teague and Amanda Sofira nee Crites, Pope County, Arkansas
Lynn Stanley Teague Jr
I am the grandson of Fred Stanley Teague and the son of Lynn Stanley Teague. My grandfather was born in 1903 and my father in 1935 in Alexander County, North Carolina. I would like more info and an orgination country
Dianne Stafford
I'm looking for information on Elizabeth Teague Stafford (my paternal great grandmother) and her ancestors. I do know that her father was Ulysses Teague, and that he died in Elmira, NY while a prisoner during the Civil War. I'm looking for any trace back to Cherokee Indian (or other Indian ancestry)This name is in Baker's roll of Cherokees of 1835. She lived in Stoney Point, North Carolina late 1800's and is buried at White Plain Baptist church close to Stoney point
Dana Brewter Teague
I am interested in identifying ancestors to Daniel Teague, first appearing in the US in Hingham, MA in early 1700s. Daniel is the first known US ancestor of the so called "Maine Branch" of the Teague family. We have a lot of the genealogy from him and wife Sarah Pray forward. They married in 1719.
Randy Moses
I am a descendant of John Wesley Teague born about 1820 in Indiana and was married to Lucinda Jane Esslinger. My great-grandfather was Columbus Howard Teague born in 1887 in Texas and married Rose Ann Roberts. Columbus was John's grandson. I am interested in anyone who has info in that line.
Lana C. Orr
Looking for parents of my gggrandfather William Swaim TEAGUE b Nov 1834 in Warren County, TN, d July 1922, in Moody, TX. m.1 Mary A. GENT, m.2 Amanda DAVIS, m.3Amanda Melvina MITCHELL. His father "Unknown" TEAGUE was born in TN or NC.probably between 1795 and 1805 before 1810. His mother Winifred Nancy "UNKNOWN" b cir 1809-1810 in NC, d early 1870's in Cass County TX m NC or TN Cir 1826. They had 2 other known children Nancy b May 1828 m. John HOLLINGSWORTH & a brother Issac H. b cir 1835-1836 m 1 Martha J. GENT, M 2 Cynthia Ann MITCHELL.
Searching information on my husbands side of the family; ISAAC C. TEAGUE (B2/23/1821/D1/24/1870) married MARGARET JOHNSON (b2/12/1832 d8/18/1889) CHILDREN; HENRY, WILLIAM, BENJAMIN, EMORY, JOHN, WARREN, FAUSTENA, FLORENCE, POWELL, AND ELLA LAVONIA ELLA LAVONIA TEAGUE (b 6/30/1857 Mobile AL d 5/26/1941 San Angelo TX) she married James Monroe Cox and they had 13 children
Brian Jones
Thomas Abraham Teague married Phalbey C Pearce. Parents of Thomas were Bryant Teague and Susannah Bailes/Beals.All i have on them is that they resided in Missouri. Any information on Bryant, Susannah and their parents would be very helpful.
Thomas Abram Teague s/o Bryant Teague and Susannah Bailes b. 22 Dec 1836 MO d. 9 Dec 1925 Fort Thomas, AZ m. Phalbey C Pierce c. 1859. Searching for the date of their marriage and place of birth of their children. Believe children born in Texas but can't locate any documentation. Also searching for Bryant Teague's parents. Can find no documentation to connect him to the North Carolina Teague family.
Michael Jesse Teague
Marshall, NC
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Angela Teague Herron
Marshall, NC
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Kenneth Andrew Teague
My grand father's name is andy andrew teague, his father is listed on his death certificate as A. Teague, and my grand father was born in Forsyth County, North Carolina.
Fred Brown
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theresa weddell
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Dorman Holub
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J. Harr
Oscar Emmett Teague, born 2-4-1877 in Alabama, married Leah Jane McSherry, died 1961 in Shreveport, La.
Nancy Hutson Atodia Elzabeth Teague (Rhoda Elizabeth) b. 2/15/1845, Green Co., MO, daughter of John Wesley Teague b. 1816 (IN) & Lucinda Esslinger b. abt. 1818 (IN). Rhoda Elizabeth married J.W.(Joel William) Hutson, b. 7/14/1840 (AL), married 1860, Travis Co., TX. John Wesley Teague is son of William Marion Teague, b. 1796, married Elizabeth Bales, 6/2/1819, (IN). Supposedly William Marion Teague's parents are David Teague and Elizabeth (?). Anyone know what Elizabeth's last name is or David's parents?
Clarence Dunlap
Ludie Teague birthdate unknown maybe late 1800's.She married James Belgium Dunlap from Missouri.They lived in around the Monroe County,Arkansas.Also Jettie Teague and Jessie Teague we don't have much information regarding these two but they were either brother and sister or they were definitely closely related.
John William Tague jr
my great great great grandfather was george teague married deborah boone in 1810 shelbyvill ky and at that time changed their last name to TAGUE looking for george parents may be john teague ky 1750
Brian Teague
Teague's from Rabun County, Georgia
Barbara Purdum
I am searching for a Nancy Teague, b. Abt. 1860 in Arkansas. She married Robert F. "Mont" Yancey around 1886. They were in Fannin County, TX in 1888, when my grandfather William Warren was born. I hope someone knows when and where she was born so I can trace my family on her side.
Andrew Teague
My research focus is on the family line: Luther Teague married Sina (unknown last name) - Luther may have been from Michigan originally. Son Frank C (b 1917, d 1978) married Winifred Baker and settled in Madison Co., Indiana. Frank C and Winifred had two sons and one daughter.
R. Paul Sabin
Ancestors and Siblings of Elijah TEAGUE (b. 2 Sep 1767, Orange Co., NC, d. 11 Feb 1843, Benton Co., AL) and his wife, Sarah MORGAN (b. 18 Dec 1768, d. 2 Mar 1850). Son, Samuel (b. 22 Feb 1787, Newberry Co., SC, d. 1861).
Marty Ringquist
Isaac Teague of Maine
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Lisa Teague
Researching from Kansas: Orval Elwood Teague, Otto LeRoy Teague, Charles Andrew Teague, Thomas Teague, Lloyd Teague. Any information would be appreciated. Both Charles and Thomas were married to Hughes women, Annie Mae & Mahalo
Elwood A. Teague
Seeking information about Orval Elwood Teague from Robinson, 1891-1958
allison teague
I'm interested in finding my greatgrandfather's birthplace. He was a circuit preacher in the Indiana/Missouri area in the 1800's: (one of? )his son was Walter Dorwin Teague, the Industrial Designer who was born there then moved to NYC, to school and his invention of the trade of Industrial Design. W.D. had two sons born in or near Forrest Hills NY, Dorwin (b. 1912?, living)and Lewis (b. 1917, d. 1978), and a sister, Cecily inbetween, deceased. Dorwin had three sons, Walter, Lewis (named for my Father) and Henry. My Father was Lewis. I have numerous great nieces and nephews, and have two brothers, John and Joshua , born 1958 and 1961, and a sister, Cecelia Elizabeth born 1954. I was born in Nyack NY in 1951, and my sister was born there too. We moved to Vermont in 1954 after she was born, where my brothers were born in Hanover NH. anyone who can tell me where my great grandfather hailed from/was born and exactly where my grandfather was born would be appreciated.
Nelda Jernigan
Sarah Teague (1876-1952), daughter of John Teague, married Cornelius Jernigan, (1866-1935) Selmer, McNairy Co., TN. Both are buried in Crockett Co., TN.
Ashley Teague
I'm 12 years old and i was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows about any Teagues in Cullman, Alabama or even just Alabama.
Joseph W. Teague, Jr.
Teague Family from Lee, Scott, and Wise Counties of Virginia Eura Culbertson Dickenson married Marvin Teague Children begat are as follows Peggy Teague, Joseph Teague (1936), Nancy Teague, Roberta Teague.
Leatha Ruchty
My father was Elton Roberts Teague. 1924-1998 He married my mother Mildred Milvina Thomas in Odessa Texas. I have 2 sisters Sherrie Louise and Mildred Milvina, and one brother, Elton Roberts Teague II. and myself Leatha Priscilla.born 12/20/49 His Mother was Georgia Priscilla (Nanny) Teague . I do not know his fathers first name. My father had a sister Louise, who had 2 sons Butch and Ben. My father later moved to California and married Harroline (???) and had 6 more children. I would be interested in any additional information anyone may have.
Bobby Teague
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Carolyn B Pitts
GGF Roland Cifus TEAGUE I B. 16 Apr 1881 Statesville, NC D. 14 Mar 1947 in Hampton, VA. Marries Elizabeth Leona VAUGHN. They had four children: Warren Harding TEAGUE, Roland Cifus II, Helen May TEAGUE, John Calvin TEAGUE. Helen May TEAGUE Hill is the only relative in this line still living. I need help on any information regarding Roland Cifus TEAGUE I.
Tricia L. Teague-Spalla
Norma Johnson
I reached a deadend with my 2 gr. grandfather JOHN SKELTON TEAGUE. He married Telitha Hallmark (sometime listed as Tabitha) March 27, 1853 in La Grange, Fayette Co. TX. I would like any information on his parents and siblings.
Nancy Wofford
Interested in the Tegg spelling. My great grandfather was George William Tegg bor Jan 9, 1852 in Virginia, Cass Co, Ill; his father was James William Tegg born abt 1800 in England. He married Mary Fletcher Hardy Dec 25, 1843 in Virginia, Cass Co, Ill.
Jeffrey Teague
I was born in St. Mary's Ohio, 1981 son of Robert Teague who is the son of Hewil Teague
john f. teague
New Hampshire and Massachusetts in 1850s
Beverly D. Teague
Clayton Marcus Teague - 1910 to 1992, NC
Lois Marie (Teague) McCord
Arkansas and MidWest from approx. 1800 to 1900
Tom Garner
LUCY JANE Teague (dau of Carrol M. Teague of fayette co. TN) married Warner Trew/True 1880.around Moscow TN.
Jim Dunlap
William H. Teague (born AL), married Addie B. Sammon. The children born to this family were Luddie Ellen , Jettie, Henry Clay, Jesse & Ferman, all born TX. William H. died 1900-1920
Patricia Childs
My g-g-grandparents were John Joiner Teague b. 2 Apr 1822 in Independence County AR, d. Camp San Saba, McCulloch, TX 19 May 1895, and Mary Elvira Young b. Bentonville KY 18 Aug 18, 1824, d. 3 Mar 1920 at Katemcy, Mason, TX. These forebears were the parents of 13 children plus a daughter from Mary's first marriage who died young. I have quite a bit of info to share and am still seeking roots of Mary Elvira Young.
Bobbi Howell
Martha L. Teague born March 18, 1888 married George D. Bryant died March 1956, Buried in Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky Had 11 Children Martha's parents were Joseph Teague and Kathern Morgan Joe and Dave were her brothers' names (not full names I'm sure) They are possibly from Clay County, Kentucky I believe Joseph was married to Kathern's sister before her, and also had children. He married Kathern after her sister's death.
Sherry Teague Carpenter
I am researching the Nicholas Teague line from Forsyth County, NC. His children: Barlow, Leanar, Elon, Nellie, Lonnie, Nancy, Martha and George Byron, b.1890, d.1971 m.Lula Bethel Hauser, b.1903, d.1987.
Paul Rothstein
I am trying to find any information or links to Amos A. Teague born about 1846 in Arkansas, married Mary E. Williams 1866 in Columbia Cty, AR. I believe his parents were from TN or MS. Amos & Mary had 7 children: Thomas, Josephine, Sally, Molly, and Charley, all born in LA. Two other children born in AR were Emma and Macon W. Teague(my grandfather born 1880). The 1900 & 1910 census has Amos and Macon living in Bowie and Titus Cty, TX. Would appreciate any info as I am stuck here.
Jeanette Jorgensen
Cynthia Ann Teague-Born Arkansas 1844 My Great-grandmother, was married to one Richard P. Perkins. I have been unable to locate anything on Cynthia's parents, etc. I would certainly like to have any information on this branch of Teagues. Cynthia had a number of brothers Elijah D.,Samuel, James Richard and William.
Carrie Teague Baucom
I was told by my father Donald R.Teague b.sept.04 1949 from Corbin, Ky. and my grandfather Criss Teague that the teague family originated from Ireland and was caught stealing horses, they were then given the choice of being hung or being sent to the colonies, and of course took the latter of the two. I was also told that the name was originally MacTeague. I am trying to find information to verify this. and also that there a family crest. Any information would be helpful. I do know that my G-Grandmothers name was Sara Goforth, Grandmother was Ellen Teague she died in 1990, Her husband was Criss Teague he died in 1986 they both were originally from Corbin, KY
Charles R Teague
Looking for all history Teagues in Mass, trying to trace heritage. any information would be helpful.
Shannon Teague
Family: Robbie Teague, Robin Teague, Anthony Teague(dead), Joshua and Jennifer Teague!! We are from Arkansas and have many Teague family here!
Kenneth Andrew Teague
My family has lived in Caldwell Co.North Carolina for four generations. My Father is Stacey Andrew Teague born 6/19/1939, My Grand father was Boyd Andrew Teague, My Great Grand Father was Andy Andrew Teague, born in Forsyth County, North Carolina, His Father is listed as A.Teague on his death certificate. Why is the name Andrew is connected to so many of my people?
Stephen de Ghelder
Interested in learning more of my grandfather James A. Teague, born Oct. 15, 1871 in Weakley County, TN. Married to Ada mae Morrison.
Billy G. Teague
My Grandfather was Trumon Ray Teague B:10-05-05 in Crawford Co, Ark and D:01-26-69 in Denison, Tx. His father was William Clay Teague B:08-27-1882, married Irena Fears and D:04-03-1963. His father was William Roy Teague B:12-01-1853 and D:10-22-1895. I need any assistance on William Roy's father and places of birth & death on William Roy and William Clay (believed to be either in Arkansas or Missouri)
Randall Teague
I was born 06/29/59 in Casper Wyo.with three older siblings Cheryl,1952 Sam Jr.1954 and Steve 1956.We were all Born in Wyo. My dad is Samual J. Teague With 4 siblings.My Grandfather was Osborn Teague.
Dianne Sue Teague Borror
I have traced my family lines back to my great-great grandfather, Andrew Teague, who was born 12 Dec 1813 in Chatham Co., N.C. He came to Butler Co., Ohio in 1815 and married Catharine Shaffer on 04 Feb 1836. Catharine was born in Pennsylvania. Together they had 13 children. Andrew died 20 Mar 1901 on the farm that he owned for 56 years. Several of the children moved into Indiana.
Jennifer M. Teague
Ireland- late 1800's early 1900's (mcteague?) Massachusetts (Lowell? or Boston?) Early 1900's New York? Early 1900's My family and I have really been wondering about our background...All of your help would be greatly apriciated, if there is anything you can find, please also send it to my father at My Grandfather started our intrest and was reaserching our family but he died in 1994 (william gerald teague,and i know that he would want us to keep looking.
My father has stated my branch of the family has the ancestrial last name MacTeague in Ireland. If anyone can provide how I can get started detailing this branch of the family I would appreciate it. My father once started but has since lost all his records.
Phil Urban
I'm looking for information about John Wesley Teague, born 2-15-1900 in Pauls Valley, OK and died in 1967 [probably in CA]. His father was John Wesley Teague and his mother was Ida Beckham. Believe he had a daughter named Loraine, born in 1920 in MO. At the time, he was married to Anna Quick. He married a second time and lived in CA, possibly the Los Angeles area. Any information about this John Teague would be greatly appreciated.
Carol Ann Teague LeSage
My dad is Glenn Carroll Teague and my granddad is John Wesley Teague he passed away in June or July of 1978 . My dad is having a birthday soon and would like to find some family histroy to give to him my dad has 3 sisters and 1 brother. He was born in Carroll county N.C. and moved to Winston Salem N.C. . He joined the Air Force when he was 17yrs and Because of that I don't have a lot of family history but would love to find all I can .
Bryan Paul Teague
I am interested in any relatives of Carl Teague. He was from Arkansas. He was my great-grandfather. I need any info. on Teague's from AR in general it is for a college geneology assignment and plus I would like to know more about the Teague history.
Howard Edward Teague
Looking for a connection for Charles Henry Teague of Minnesota who has ties to the Teague families in Maine
Charolette Elaine Corey
G-grandmother Georgia Avahart Teague born in Bastrop Co., Tx. Georgia Avahart Teague's father was John Skelton Teague, born in Bastrop Co., Tx. who married Tabitha Ann Hallmark (daughter of Richard H. Hallmark).
Toni Rambo
My gg grandfather was William Emery Teague, born about 1836 and raised in Washington, Indiana. He married Sarah Frances Stobaugh (also from Indiana) and they migrated to the Ft. Worth, Texas area around 1879. Their children included Matilda (m. Napoleon Terry), Rebecca, Fannie, Annie (my ggrandmother - married George Lee Terry), Emmie, and Sarah Ursey. Would like any information on William's parents, siblings, etc.
Jennifer Camia
John William Teague married Serah Brock & had two children Colonel Wesley Teague and William Brownloe Teague. I am a descendent from Colonel. He is my great-great grandfather.
Gary Teague
Inman,South Carolina and Marshall North Carolina around 1875 to Present Day...Albert Teague was my Great Grandfather.My Grandfather was Monroe David Teague.Monroe fought in WWI,and worked for Inman Mills.He started working for Inman Mills when he was just 5 years old.Thats how the Mills were then.Whole Families worked there.Albert brought his Family down from Marshall,NC around 1902,to Inman,SC.The new Mill had just been built..
Elizabeth Teague McQuerrey
Just beginning my search, my grandfather's name was Trumon Teague, born in Arkansas, I believe, in the early 1900's. Moved to Denison, Texas. Married Esther Elizabeth Erwin. Their children are Truman, Charles, Richard, William, James, David and Mary. Many cousins. Anybody have any information on this line?
Pam Trisler
I am looking for info on a Mary Teague b12/22/1877 m Marshall Brock b 12/18/1880 She died in 1943he died in 1946 He is buried at Clayton In. They had at least 6 children I would like any information on Mary and her family or the Brock's for that matter thank you
Dr. Ronald Teague
Does anyone have any information about two brothers, William and Francis Teague, who immigrated from Cornwall to California in the 1850's or there abouts. They are both buried next to each other in the Union Cemetery in Placerville, California. They both came to California to be gold miners and stayed on. It would be very nice if I could find the names of their parents as well as place of birth in Cornwall.
M. Howard
Israel Teague South Carolina Alabama 1750 to 1800
Yvonne Matlosz
I am researching the Teague family branch that ended up in Guilford County, North Carolina. The family owned a mill (Teague-Hammer Mill) in High Point, NC in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Would like to get more info on the mill and also the furniture company they owned. William King Teague was one of the principals and his business partner was A. B. Horney. William's wife was Emma Victoria Horney. Is there a family connection there or was it just a coincidence?
Don Perkins
Moses Teague,Sr.1725-1799 & ancestors William Teague 1752-1835
Carroll Hoyt Teague III
I am interested in Teagues dating before Carroll Hoyt Teague of Providence KY
Mary Boyer
I'm a direct decendent of Pearson Teague. Approx.1880 Taney cnty.,MO William Teague m. Carolin Bennet....Children, Rhoda,John, Henry. Rhoda m. James Thomas Mashburn. They are buried in Haskell,OK Rhoda was my Gr.grandmother.
Kathllen A. Meyers TEAGUE, ANDREW MARTIN:Am searching for information relating to my paternal gr. gr. grandfather (Andrew Martin Teague)and family. Wife is Jeanette Fudge. Son is Everett Roy Teague, born in New Hope PA (1876) and relocated to Toledo OH.
tracy joe teague Born to Henry Lee and Jean Teague on June 18 1959 I am, looking for information on Jurden or Jordan Teague , he was married to Mary ELLEN GILLY. She was the second wife. they lived in watauga county , n.c. they were five children william , rosa , clemmy , john, allison, my granddad was allison the story is my greatgranddad, had to brothers that moved on to tn.
Richard Paul Teague
Richard Paul Teague(1978-Present) Harold Rochester Teague III(1948-Present) Harold Rochester Teague II(???-Present)
Jill Teague Orrell
I am the daughter of Edward Clarence Teague from Cleveland, Ga. I would like to find him or any of his relatives. If you have any information on Edward or his family please e-mail me.
Linda Sue Teague (Pelphrey)
Researching family roots. Grandfather, Charlie Lee Teague, disappeared in early 1930's when my Father, Ralph David Teague and his siblings, Charlie Lee Teague, Jr. and Ruth Ann Teague were small children. Charlie's date of birth is 2/28/06 and he married Beatrice Ray Walker on August 8, 1924. Charlie's parents were Thomas & Alice Teague and they were from TN, possibly NC. That is as far as I go back. Charlie's siblings were Howard Teague, Herman Teague, Annibell Teague, William Henry Teague, Bill Teague, Lylee Teague and Thomas Teague. I cannot find death record, census record, military, etc. I would really like to find out what happened to my Grandfather and find out if he is still alive. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Jeanne Tuckness Reed
Georgia Avahart Teague born in Kentucky 1866 d 1928 was my gg grandmother. She married Charles William Tuckness b 1864 d 1947 and they lived in Texas.
Judy Sims
My line of research is: Levi Benton Teague b.May 16, 1847 Benton Co., AL. d. Dec 31, 1912 Harmon, Lamar County, Texas; his father was William Teague b.Dec 3, 1819 Madison Co., AL. d. Feb 7, 1905 Blount Co., AL.; his father was James Jefferson Teague born Feb 2, 1794 d. 1872 Mt. Vernon, TX; his father was William Teague b. Nov 23, 1781 d. Sep 23, 1845 Wilson Co., TN. William Teague b. 1761 was the son of Joshua Teague and Dorothy Gaunt. I will be glad to exchange information with anyone researching these lines.
Joanna Teague Bielak
I am researching my family line starting with my G-Grandfather,Lukie Teague, who married Iva Woodruff, near Madisonville,KY in the 1890's. I would appreciate any and all help and am willing to share what I have found.
Garnett Mashburn (Agard) Hatheway
My father was Sy Mashburn, second son of J.T. Mashburn and Rhodie Teague Mashburn. I really don't know much more than that, but am finding out thru the family tree services.
Randy Trover
i am looking for information on the albert larkin teague line from hopkins county kentucky. this is my great grandfather.
I am descended from Van Swearingen and Rachael Davis Teague through Wm. Carrell Davis Teague, my g grandfather Wm. Robard Teague, grandfather, Charles Bartley Teague, and my mother Flora Ethel Teague Boyd. I am looking for the parents and siblings of Rachael Davis Teague. I have my family tree from Isaac & Amy Rebecca Lawler.Isaac Had 9 children. My ancestor was Abner born 29 September 1821 in n.c.
Emma Jean Wood
Edward Teague 1660-1697 MD and NC William Teague 1693-1775 MD and NC Moses Teague 1716-1799 NC Moses Teague 1739-1793 NC Aaron Teague 1770-1844 NC Abraham Teague 1797-1870 NC and TX Elijah Pope Teague 1823- 1888 NC and LA William Brown Teague 1850-1944 LA Mattie Teague 1895-1960 LA and AR
Jonise Stone
Im looking for info on Sarah Teague b. 1849 Cherokee Co Alabama, her mother was Margaret Miller and father was Isac Teague b. 1825 whitley Co.Kentucy. Is there any Indian blood in their lineage or the Millers lineage?
Darlena Miller Griffitts
About all I know about the Teagues in my family is my great grand mother was Sarah Louisa Teague, she was born on 7-15-1858. Her parents were James Michael Teague and Jane Harrison. James Michael Teague was born in or about 1838 and died in April 1870. Jane Harrison Teague was born in 1837 and died on 1-11-1880.I have found no other information on this line of Teagues. I do know, from what I have found on the web, James Micheal Teague served as a private in Company I, 2nd Reg. East Tennessee Calvary. He enlisted Sept.22, 1862 at Sevierville, Tennessee. While on furlough he was captured by the rebels and held prisoner until the end of the war. He was discharged from the army July 6, 1865. I am assuming that he was from East Tennessee. Most of my family come from Cocke County, Tennessee.
Phyllis Teague
John Hezekiah TEAGUE, Sr born 1809 Wythe Co, VA. Died 1847 Cullman Co, AL. Married to Louisa JENNINGS born 181 Marshall Co, AL. Died 1855. Any information pertaining to this line will be greatly appreciated.
Gene Matthews
Looking for info on Elender Teague Phipps, daughter of Hester Teague. Hester was widow of Stephen Teague and believed to be a Routh. Hester Teague married a James Phipps. Other Teagues are: Stephen Sr., Stephen Jr., Priscilla
Billie Sutton Jefferies
1. Joshua Teague m. Elizabeth Siler 2. Moses Teague m. Mary Reed 3. Silas Teague (b. 1844) m. Sarah Bridges 4. Elsie Ann Catherine Teague (b. abt 1875) m. Samuel Nathaniel Gotcher
Kaye Buckner Presley
John William Teague born abt. 1822 died 1865 in Civil War married Sarah Ann Brock.Children: William Brownlow born 1862 Colonel wesley born 1864. These Teague's are from the McMinn County Tennessee Area.
Mike Glenn
Researching our Teague family: (1)Capt.Elijah Teague 1726-1780 Newberry, SC; (2)Samuel Teague b. 1759, NC d. 1841, SC; (3)Samuel Teague, Jr. b. 1803, SC d. 1875, IN Seeking family and spousal info, stories and records.
Marilyn Ballou
Marriage between America Teague and Benjamin Franklin Ball; Ashe Co., North Carolina. 1880-1895
Joan Tomb
I have very little info. on the Teague line. My Great great grandfather was; James Teague, TN. His daughter was; Maggie Lee Teague married Frank Naile
I would like to know if anyone has information on any teague in the beaumont or houston texas area. My father died when i was 5.yrs old
William Hall
JOSHUA TEAGUE: Looking for ancestors. At least one son, John Elijah, b. 1811, possibly SC, m. Mary C. Maffett 1814-1900. Children were: John, Margaret, Almitta, Robert Hamilton 1843-1917 (m. Sarah Antoinette Sexton), Mary Ellen, George W. 1849-1903, William Sanford, and John Henry.
I am searching for the family of Susanna Teague who married John Cowan on 25 Sept. 1712, likely in Baltimore County, Maryland. Could she be a daughter of Edward Teague?
Debbie Ann Teague
Any and all information about our family name. There are about 50 of us here in Northwest Arkansas, a thousand in Texas(hopefully some in Teague, Texas), and a thousand in Louisiana. My mum's father, Reginald Teague, had a cousin come to visit him from Louisiana named Laddie Teague (I think he was a service man). Being born in England, am particularly partial to the English Teagues but would welcome e-mails from all. Blood is thicker than water. Most of my family is still in England, David, Eileen, Hazel, Clifford - but Mum and I are over in "the colonies". Was delighted to discover Teague Spring here in Siloam Springs, Arkansas today.
Jewell Teague Bennett
I'm of the Joshua Teague line, born about 1744 in Orange Co., N,C. My gggg grandfather. gg grandfather is James E. Teague, born about 1811 in Newberry, S.C. G grandfather is James Polk Teague, born Nov. 30, 1845 in Union County, Ga. Grandfather is James Robert Teague, born Dec. 15, 1871 in Georgia. Particularly interested in which ancestor was married to a full-blood Cherokee. Any cousins reading this - please share info.
Coree Teague
Elias Ewing Teague Also known as E. E. Teague. Died on January 08, 1957. Burried in the El Reno, Oklahoma cemetery. Lived in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, and Burleson, Texas, also El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma. Elias Teague's wife was Willie Foy Burgess Died November 09, 1934, burried in the El Reno Oklahoma cemetery. I believe he may have remarried, or had been married before her. EliasTeague's son was Rupert E Teague,also known as Roy. Born April 20, 1897in Fort Worth Texas. Died December 1967. Also lived in El Reno, Oklahoma, Imperial, and El Centro, California, New Mexico, and Yuma Arizona. Spouse, Sibyl Jewel Rochet. Elias's other children were Hazel Teague who married H Beekman Crothers, and James B Teague who died November 07, 1959, burried in the El Reno cemetery. I believe he may have had several other children.. Rupert E Teague's children were Dean Teague born Feb 03,1920, died May 09, 1974. Claude O teague, and Clyde Teague twin brothers, born January 16, 1922, and also Mildred Teague. Any relation?
I am looking for relatives named Teague living in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina area. My grandmother was a Carrie Teague and married Elijah Forbes and lived on Roan Mountain, Tennessee. Anyone related, please email me.
Sherry Donna Teague Banks
My family is from Forsythe County, North Carolina. I don't know if there is a connection. My aunt's have traced back about 5 generations.
Martha Meyer
Lewis Teague, late 1800's, Campbell, Claiborne Counties, Tennessee
Emily Forrester Stowe
I am interested in finding information on a Mary Magdalene Teague. She was from around Midland, TX from what I understand and she married a Mooney from there and later married a James Forrester. He was from TN. That is where they spent there lives with each other. If any one can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Joni Teague Johnson
Looking for information on Elijah/Elisha Teague married to Sarah Price. I think he had a son by the name of Walter who married Susannah. If this is correct, my Teague line would connect to Edward Teague's line. Elijah/Elisha is the son of Francis Teague and wife Rachel. Francis was born abt 1764 in Iredell Co., North Carolina. Francis was the son of William Abel Teague, Jr. and Eleanor Symington
Janice Hollifield
I am looking for any information on my ggrandmother Anne Eliza Teague who married William Erastus Allison and lived in Haywood County, NC. My grandmother Mary Ethel Allison was born there in 1904. I also know that she had a sister, Bessie.
Guilda Teague
Hello Teague's, Looking for children of Robert Franklin Teague-Born 24 April 1875, in Hunt,Tx. Married Beulah Roberts, 6 Oct 1896. His parents were James Samuel Teague & Tennessee C. Patterson. Robert & Beulah had nine [we think] They are: Otis T. Teague-Twin to Opal-His children:O.T.,Charles,& Juanell Opal Teague- Twin to Otis-She died in the 1920's. Had two daughters-Louise Aycock of Ca. & Joyce Edwards of Slaton, Tx. Ora Teague-Called "Sis"-Born 1 July 1899. Married Jennings Henderson May in 1916. Lived in Rockport, Tx. Buried in Ada, Ok. They had one son, Leonard in New Jersey. Helen McAnally of Ada, Ok.& Maudi Sullivan of Robstown, Tx. Jimmie D. Teague-Lived at Daingerfield,Tx. Born 1903 & died 1975. Had two sons. Jesse Edward Teague [my husbands Dad]-Born 5 Feb. 1902. Died in June 1965 in Bush, Co. Married Grace Williams. They had Frances Geraldine Townsend, Donald Edwin & Betty Jo Parker. Jesse & Grace divorced. He married Maxine ? They had one son, Bradley, born about 1951. Odell Lucy Teague-Born 31 Oct. 1907. Died 10 Oct. 1995. Married Cecil Long. He was born 4 July 1902. Died 8 Nov. 1995 Has one daughter, Sandra. Willie Mae Teague-Called "Billie". Married "Tip" Anderson. Mary Ann Teague-? Pauline Teague- Married Woody Carpenter. They had a son, Billy & a daughter, Peggy. You have sent me LOTS of info from here back. Now need to fill this in. Thanks in advance.
Susan Teague Nabhan
I am from the line of James Samuel and Mary Emma Ramsey. I am interested in any info re my grandparents.(Gr. grandfather:Benjamine Franklin Teague.) My father was their son, Guy Teague, youngest of 20 children, so distance in ages of children has been a problem. Also looking for family members of Roy and Lucille Teague.
Shann Teague
Calvin had a son named Craig Gillis Teague, who is my great grandfather. They called Craig by the name of Pap. He had 28 children that I know of, and I've been told about 4 more. I live in Jacksboro, Tennessee. It is just a few miles from where Calvin is said to be buried.
Patt Thomas
Margaret Lucinda Teague or Tigue daughter Florence Roseanne Teague born November 07,1882
kevin teague
fort worth texas 1973-present
Duane Marr
Joseph and Alice TEAGUE descendants, Tennessee 1860-.
Click for Family Record
Mearl Hopper Teague
My husband Alva Daniel Teague (Born 04-01-1933- D.)6-25-1998) His father was John Andrew Teague,(born May-12-1894,D.Nov.3/1979) His Grandfather was Hugh Frances Teague (Born.8/12/1869,D. June 2 1950 G-Grandfather was John Riley Teague. Born 1844 or 1849 Death was after 1910 probable in Searcy county Arkansas.
martie mcgowen
A.E.TEAGUE who married CORA E.CISCO in Fayette Co. TN-mar.7,1876 he is my gg-grandfather thru his daughter EDNA ETHER TEAGUE-BELL. aat rootsweb he is listed as unknown TEAGUE.I believe his name may be ALLEN EDWARD TEAGUE as I have an uncle with that name and A.E. is his g-grandfather.
Looking for the family of John TEAGUE and wife Sally UNKNOWN. signed the marriage bond in 1805 Henry co.KY. for thier dau:(dau;not named on bond.) Would like the daughters name because I believe she is my 3 great grandmother. She married James Scott.
Sherlean Teague Hurry
The Teague's from Mississippi from 1925.
Gary M. Teague
I'm Just getting started. My father was Gary Charles Teague b.1949 Arkansas...he had 14 brother's and sister's ( all b. in arkansas)...his father's name is Raymond Teague, Mother's name is Alma Teague (? Maiden name) looking for any and all connection's.
Ernie Lambert
My gr-gr-grandfather was Abner B. Teague b. 1820/21 in Tennessee. Married Miranda Vincent on May 15, 1842 in Pope County, Arkansas. I am trying to connect him to his parents but to date have been unable to do so.
Christian Teague
Edward Teague > Edward Teague Jr. > Edward Teage III 09/23/75 2. Matt Teague 05/19/76 3. Kathleen Teague, 12/23/80 4. Christian Teague, 01/16/82. The family is mostly based in the north east, Specifically New England
Sue Crosby
Desperately seeking Elzira Teague b. 11 April, 1845 in Jackson Co, MO. . .she married John Russell Mills, b. 16 Sept 1837, Jackson County, MO. They crossed the country in the great migration and died in Rochester Washington , 21 June, 1932 and 08 Nov, 1903. Any information regarding possible parents for Elzira would be greatly appreciated.
I am searching for a Wayne Teague. Last place known (hearsay) was CA. He would have been my grandfather. My father was born in Metropolis IL on 11-07-32. I just recently found out his name, any information would really help my Family Tree Search.
Linda Whitley
Looking for info on MALAND Teague who married Sarah Eslick either in Arkansas, Oklahoma or Missouri.
martie mcgowen
Looking for info on A.E.Teague married Cora E Sisco in Fayetteco,TN 1876.Their children were William Burrell Teague and Edna Ether Teague b:1883 in TN.Edna married Thomas T.Bell.She died in 1965 buried in AR around Parkin Earle or Wynne.She was my g-grandmother.Found lots on Sisco side but dont know what A.E.Teagues initials stand for or anything else.Was told gg-grandparents Teague and Sisco were from Ireland,that turned out to be not true on Sisco side.Anyone with any info?
Melanie Anderson
Need information on Lorenzo Dow Teague's mother's maiden name. Have been told it is not ELIZABETH CLEMMONS. If it is Elizabeth Clemmons, I need information on her parents. Any info. would be appreciated. Would like positive proof.
Jennifer Tague Vomvas
Teague/Tague ancestors of George Tague (son of John and Elizbeth?),m. Deborah Boone, Shelby Co., KY 1810. Believe his father was named John but do not know grandfather's name or mother's maiden name. May have migrated from Maryland, Virginia, or No Carolina.
Marian Parrish Watson
Marion Francis Teague b. 1865 Mo. I would like to find cousins. Anyone related to children of Marion Francis Teague and wife,Ellen Whelchel, Taneyville, Taney Co., Mo. Marian in Texas
Tabitha Stone
Looking for an Angus James Teague born btwn 1854 & 1856, state unknown, in Confederacy. Married twice. Second wife Ellen Irene Lewis. Angus had at least 4 children from 1st marriage and had 8 from 2nd. Married Miss Lewis apprx 1912. Lived w/ 2nd wife & children in AL. Definite that lived in area of Robertsdale, AL in 1926. Last 3 children were triplets, one dying w/in a few hours of birth, born August 13, 1926. Lived separate but near family when he died. Most likely died in late 1930's or very early 1940's. Names of 3 of his children from 1st marriage are (spellings apprx) Mary, Lucille, and Lige (son).
Sue Teague
Looking for relatives of Alfred Teague late 1800s, married Edna Keener, in Aurora, MI, raised 3 sons, Eugene, Otis, And Carlos. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Linda Norris
Would like to find any information on my great grandfather Robert Lee Teague. He was married to Katherine Boone Gillespie. They had a daughter(my grandmother) named Bessie. This is all I can find out about them so any information will be gladly received.
Neil Teague
Perry L. Teague B1855 D1912 Benton Co., Arkansas Jennie DeArmond Teague B1863 D1928
Cynthia Havens
Edward Teague 1655 William Teague 1693 Moses Teague Sr. 1718 Moses Teague Jr. 1739 Aaron Teague 1770 Abraham Teague 1797 Elijah Pope Teague 1823 William Brown Teague 1850 Exer Teague 1882 (greandmother) Stanley Richardson (father)
Sonja Paulette (Teague) Whitten Grandfather was THOMAS MONROE TEAGUE, born in North Carolina on August 20, 1881, died April 20, 1956 Elizabethon, TN, married to ALICE MARKLAND, born Januany 6, 1889, believe in North Carolina, died early 1940's in West Virginia. Married July 23, 1904. Children: Charlie Lee Teague born 2-28-06 Ivlee Teague Born 6-2-07 Birthie Ellen Teague Born 8-14-09 Howard Teague Born 1-15-12 (My father) Hurman Teague Born 2-23-16 Annibell Teague Born 2-5-18 William Henry (Jack) Teague Born 6-27-20 Thurman Teague Born 5-31-21 Bill Teague Born 8-31-25 Ralph Thomas (Tommy) Teague Born 12-17-27 Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Shelia R. Teague I am looking for any and all information that I can get about the Teague family out of the,Tyner,Jackson County,Mcgee, Annville,or Lexington Kentucky areas.My Fathers name was Eldred Athol Teague b.6-20-29/d.2-5-94. He had six brothers in all, named Nacey,Osborne,Hubert,Cecil,Paul & Earl. My Grandfathers name was Elbert Athol Teague and was married to Maggie Morris-Teague. That is about all the info that I have right now, would greatly appreciate any help!! Would love to find out who my great& great-great,etc.etc. ancestors are. I was always told that we were of Irish or Scotch-Irish descent on the Teague side of my family. Would be very interested to know for sure. I do know that the name Athol is definatly of Scotch origin(as in King Athol MacIan,who supposedly moved the scots from Ireland to colonize what would later become Scotland). I would also like to try to locate my Aunt Clara, who is the widow of my late Uncle,Paul K. Teague. She has since remarried, and I can't remember her husband Troy's last name to save me.! If anyone can help in anyway PLEASE e-mail me
Michael Tucker
Interested in the family of Isaac Teague b1774 in Newberry District SC and d1859 in Dekalb Co. AL. Isaac was a son of Joshua Teague. In the settlement of Isaac's estate, the minor children of James A. and Mary Reeve are mentioned, as are the minor children of Jehu and Mary Coats. I am trying to establish the connection between these families.
Robin Lowe
Nathan Teague was listed on Caldwell Co. NC 1880 census then on the Carter Co. TN census 1900. In 1880 was married to a Sarah A.L. Setzer. She died after coming to Carter Co. he then remarried around 1888. in TN.
Susan Griffith
I am searching for any information on Benjamin Issac Teague born 5-30-1860 in Georgia and died 9-19-1933 in San Angelo, Tom Green County Texas.
Betty Coleman McCormick
Amanda Wales Teague wife of Larkin Coleman b. 12/24/1818(?couldn't read the last digit on the tombstone)d. 9/19/1904. Interested in Larkin Coleman's lineage.
Kelly G Teague
Searching for any information concerning the Teagues of Wilkes/Alexander counties espically about my grandfather Ronda Teague. He was born in Wilkes Co.,date unknown. I do know that he had two brothers named John and Ford. He also married Faye Curtis Teague in 1941. All information is greatly appreciated. He died in 1982.
Charlotte Nowak
Looking for the maiden name of Sarah Teague, mother of Martha Jane Teague born March 19, 1848 in AK, died in Shawnee OK on June 20, 1916.
Jennifer A. Teague Donohue
I am trying to locate the line that starts with My father Alvin Norbert Teague, grandfather Alfert(?)Alvin Teague, great grandfather James Ellahue Teague who married Minerva Jane Brown. From then on we draw a blank. Can any one help. thanks!
Bob Winn
Moses Benton Teague
Justin Teague
My Grandfather was Jesse William Teague..he lived in Bertand Missouri,. His was was Edna Teague. His son's are Ricky, Rocky, Donald, Gary, Jesse, Stephen, Frankie, & Billy. His Daughters are Debbie, Lois, Sherry & Jonie. If you have any more info on them..let me know
Belinda Teague-Levy
Great Grandfather George Teague is buried in Ivy Log Cemetery in Union Co., Ga. He was somehow closely related to McCall family. He obtained a marriage license in Macon Co., N.C. Any help w/additional is greatly appreciated!!!
P. Teague Gariano
Looking for family of William Lee Teague b 3-31-1884 in Texas, married Mary Anna "Molly" in Byars OK 1904, 9 children: Luther Clayton-b 1906 Stratford OK, Robert Shy-b 1907 Stratford OK -d 1917 Norman OK, Bessie Josephine b 1909 Startford OK - d 1979 Chandler AZ, Ruby Emmline-b 1913 Blanchard OK-d 1980 Norman OK, Willie Mae-b 1917 Norman OK, Ivette and Ivan-(twin girls) b 1920 Noble OK, Lorene and Florene-(twin girls) b 1923 noble OK. William Lee is my great gradfather, Luther Clayton is my grandfather and he had three children with Bertha Corbin- William Fred Teague b- 1933 Norman OK, Sue Ann Teague Westom and Mary Lou Teague Jones Bradford Capoletti
Diana Teague Hixon
I am a direct decedent of Edward and Susan Teague. Born to Edward was William D., whose son was Moses, whose son was William Able, whose son was Joshua, whose son was James, whose son was Calvin, whose son was Craig Gillis, whose son was Callie, whose son was Quinton, who was my father.
Joseph Edward Teague Jr.
My father is Joseph Edward Teague Sr., my grandfather was Bura Vaughn Teague, from Blairsville, GA, he had 2 brothers, Robert Elmer Teague and Pollard Layfeyette Teague, great grandfather was Joseph Edward Teague, I believe he had two brothers named Beecher, and Pat Teague, these lines are scattered from North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and California that I know of.
jackie teague
it was said that my family came from north carolina. if any body know of a teague or is one there i would like to know. my grandpa is william issac teague
Walter E. Desern Jr.
my grand-grandmother was Mattie Sue Teague,she married Arthur Withers. They lived in central tx. and are buried in Bryan, Tx. She had a brother who was real big in Tx. politics named Olin E. Teague, she was disinherted for marring below her station in life. I can not find any thing on her family, can you help me.
Martie McGowen
Looking for any info on A.E.Teague married Cora Sisco in Fayette co.TN 1876.They had 2 children, William Burrell Teague and Edna E teague born 1880's Fayette co. died in AR(poinsett co.)Edna married Thomas T Bell.A.E.Teague was my gg-grandfather.Don't know what the initials stand for.
Joseph Ernest Teague
Montgomery Alabama 1964 Joseph Ernest Teague born of Ernest Lee Teague and Sally Jean Blake Teague. Brothers: Donald Cary and John Thomas Sisters: Lejean and Leann All born in Montgomery Alabama Fathers Mother: Zilphia Teague Harrington (Dead) Fathers Father: Ernest Lee Teague (Dead) Both from Alabama. Mothers Mother and Father Unknown (Both dead) Both from Saganaw Michigan (I would like any information anyone has on this information).
Tiffany Teague
I'm looking for any information about Rowland Teague, he was my grandfather. If anyone knows anything about him please contact me. He was from Danville Kentucky.
mary deaton
Looking for PARENTS,SIBLINGS,and CHILDREN of Stephen Teague born 1775/1779 in Tenn. Married Hester Routh 1814 Cedar Co. Mo.Their son William Teague (my greatgrandad) got married 3, Oct.1845, Granger Co. Tenn.
Rhonda Glass Randell
I am trying to find information on Mary Ann Teague. She was born Apr 23, 1853 in Anniston, Al. She married James W Glass and died in OK March 3, 1960. I have no information on her parents, but have been told we are part indian. I would like to verify the Teague line. Any help will be appreciated.
Cheryl S .Carden
Researching William Columbus Teague descended from Moses who is descended from Vandever(Vandiver) Teague who is descended from William, Jr., William, Sr., Edward Teague all in U.S.A. William Columbus born 7-1-1848 in Aleander County, N.C. and died 2-10-1913 in Union, S.C. 1st wife: Canadas(Candas/Candis) E. Sipe 2nd wife: Mary Emma Sullivan
Al Teague
Looking for information on LEONORA VIRGINIA TEAGUE that married CHARLES HOPKINS in Providence R.I. on 4Aug.1896, who in 1893 gave birth to Lawrence Teague in Boston Ma. Lawrence was my father and he was raised by another family. Leonora's parents were GEORGE TEAGUE and CAROLINE TEAGUE. She may of married GEORGE LUNT of Brewer Me. on 22 AUG. 1905. Also looking for any information on NATHANIAL TEAGUE, born 1806 in Maine. He married Philomela Staples in 1831. They had a son, Nathanial born 1846, in Southwest Harbor Me. Did they have a son George too?
Alice Ann Fesmire
?John ?1635 > Edward c1660 > William (Abel?) 1693 > Moses 1718 > Isaac Newton 1748 > Isaac II 1782 > Jehu 1819 (often misread as John by people unfamiliar with this name, looking at the handwritten name) > Mary Frances Teague 1855 md. Dr. Amos Luther Waller of Henderson Co., Tennessee. I also have information on the descendants of Jehu's brother Abner 1821 who md. Susannah Fesmire. They moved to Texas.
Larry Boyd
Charity Teague, daughter of Moses Teague and Rachael Taylor, married Thomas Ray. These families moved to Ohio from North Carolina...then later to northern Missouri. More information at my site at;
Pat Martin
I am just staring out, so I don't have many facts yet. My Grandfather's name was John N Teague. Born in Aug of 1850. He was married to Belle Merrill June 26, 1900. He died in Monticello, on Jan 13 1916. Both John and Belle were deaf. According to the White County 1900 census John's parents were born in New York.
Brandi Ulrich Amunrud
Trying to get past Robert Marion Teague born 6 July 1804 Burke Co NC. Have his parents as Moses Teague and Katie Payne.His son Jordan was married to Mena Kernifax, I believe.
Ellen Adams
Minnie Leah Teague daughter of James Scott Teague and Martha Emmiline Waggoner birth date is Nov. 5, 1882 she was my father's mother.
Raymond Teague
Im looking for any info on James Oliver Teague and his son Dewight Mood Teague whos son was Forest Ray Teague Born 17 Jun 1929. Dewight Mood Teague was my grandfather and was born about 1900. Please if you can help me it would be wonderful
Dayton Barney
My great grandfather-grandmother were John Skelton Teague and Tabitha Hallmark Teague. I would very much like info on John Skelton Teague. What I have is his birth about 1833 in Texas. Married to Tabitha Hallmark March 27, 1853 in La Grange, Texas by RV. N. B. Yuncey. Died 1919 in Taliban, New Mexico. I have info on six children, two of which died in infancy, at least three went on to marry and have families. My grandmother was Susan Ann Teague.
Wanda Teague-Jones
I have just started researching family tree. Grandfather: Leslie Earl Teague B.12/12/1898 St Paul, Ar. D. 3/16/1983: GGrandfather,Thomas Joseph (Doc) Teague B.8/27/1873 D.3/24/1956 GGGrandfather believed to be John Calvin Teague buried Japton Madison Co. Ar. I am having trouble finding where Earl exist. No records show up for him. He was married to Pearl Margaret Herriman. Any information would be helpful.
Need information on Edward Teague who arrived in VA in about 1640-1660 (I believe ) as an indentured servant from England.
Katherine Winbury Webb
I'm researching my mother's family. Her father was Lewis Andrew Teague, born Apr. 8, 1899, died Aug. 1982 in Jacksonville, TX. He is buried at Texarkana ?AR or TX. My grandmother was Pollie Ann Coppock Dickeson Teague. She died when my mother was 8 mo. old. My mother had a sister named Pauline who died at a young age. After her mother's death, she was raised by an aunt and uncle. My grandfather remarried later to a Cora ? They had several children. Some of the names I remember are Ralph Ray and Ruth May (twins), Claudia, Doris and David Lewis. Cora died with cancer several years before my grandfather. Several of the children still live in the Texarkana area. Does anyone have any information? This is my brick wall!
Vanessa Deshazer
Bryant Teague b.Abt. 1798 Tn d. Abt. 1880 Hunt Co., TX daughter: Susannah Teague b. ca October 1844 d.between 1910-1920 TX married Josiah S. Fulfer Daughter: Martha Jane Fulfer b. Abt. 1862 TX d. between 1891-1900 TX
Walter Dorwin Teague, III
I am Walter Dorwin Teague, III. Son of Walter Dorwin Teague, Jr. (goes by W. Dorwin Teague) and grandson of Walter Dorwin Teague. My grandfather was a famous and innovative industrial designer
Patsy Ford Childs
1. William Teague 1761 - Elizabeth Miller 2. Rebecca Teague b. 5-13-1788 married John Maddox b. 1-16-1785 3. Elizabeth Ann Maddox b. 1-16-1822 Blount Co. Al, married Barzilla Murphree b. 4-13-1811 Blount Co. Al. Both died Calhoun Co. Al. 4. Rebecca Jane Murphree married Jamed Perry Ford 5. Caleb Milton Ford married Lula "Lou" Allen 6. Grady Allen Ford married Geneva Payton 7. Patsy Lou Ford married Clarence Edwin "Ed" Childs, Jr. From Rebecca Jane Murphree on to me we were all born In Calhoun County, Alabama. Have quite a bit of info. on the Fords, Maddox,Murphrees, and Bynums, all who ended up in the Blount Co & Calhoun County areas. I would like to hear from anyone that's researching any of these lines, or anyone who has connections to Calhoun Co, especially the Eulaton or Bynum area.
Alice George
I was wondering if anyone has any information on Robert M. Teague. He was the son of Robert R. Teague & Harriet Key. Robert R. was born in 1792. These are descendants of Edward Teague. They would be from Madison county in Alabama the best that I can tell.
Rick Reid
Trying to find information of any kind about RUIE TEAGUE. She was born Jan. 25, 1840 in Iredell County, NC. She married J. ELIJAH MILLER, b. July 10, 1833 in Alexander County, NC. They were married May 26, 1859 county unknown, probably Alexander County, NC. They had the following children: J.W. Miller, b. March 17, 1860 Julia Ann Miller, b. June 17, 1865 Martha Ann Miller, b. Nov. 12, 1861 Harriet Ann Miller, b. Sept. 30, 1867 R.L. Miller, b. Sept 3, 1869 John Leander Miller, b. Sept. 10, 1872 John Leander Miller married Florence Delottie Teague, b. Jan. 4, 1881, Catawba County, NC. Florence was the daughter of Elijah Pinkney (Pink)Teague and Harriet E. Hass. Ruie has been a mystery for many years, we don't know if it was a nickname or a given name. Any help or info about any of the folks mentioned here is welcomed. Who knows, we may be related!
George Giesler
Looking for information on James and Susan "Thomas" Teague. England to PA in or around 1847, to Fayette County, Iowa in 1856. any info. helpful...
Mary Rowley
I descend from John Skelton Teague and Talitha Hallmark. Would love any information or pictures on John's Siblings, My cousins and I have pictures of some unknown Teague's .We would love to put a name to our collection.
Paula Sue Jones
I am descended from John Skelton Teague and Telitha Hallmark. I have a photo of him in his later life that I will share copies of. I am always interested in his ancestors. My mother's father was named Max O. Teague and he lived in NC.
Patt Thomas
Would like to find someone with info regarding my gggrandmother Margaret Lucinda Teague. I don't know the exact area she came from but I would say either Fannin County Ga. or Polk County Tenn. She had a daughter named Florence Roseanne. Florence married John E. Tranthem and settled in Fannin County, Ga. Timeframe around 1800!
Tim Link
My mother was a Teague and I am interested in discovering as much as I can about her family. Her parents were Gaither and Judy Sigmon Teague. Although the home place is in Caldwell County, NC, I have heard about the Teague-Munday cemetary in neighboring Alexander Co. Could they be the same Line?
Glenda Newton
Joshua Teague Fendley's of Clarke Co., AL
Barbara Teague Langdon
Walter Teague born about 1812 Burke Co., NC. married about 1840 to Susan York. Lived also in Union Co., GA. and later in Macon Co., NC. Parents may have been Elijah Teague and Sarah Price.
Brenda McCall Holt
I am searching for any information on the ancestry of HARLIE MONROE TEAGUE b. Sept. 2, 1895 in GEORGIA. His parent's were GEORGE W. TEAGUE and ADALINE HERRON TEAGUE. He also had on sister by the name of CLARA DAVENPORT who was residing somewhere in GEORGIA at the time of HARLIE'S death in 1975. HARLIE had married at least 3 time's and had the following children: PAUL JACKSON TEAGUE, RUFUS JACKSON TEAGUE, HARLIE MONROE MCCALL JR. who died in 1970(I do not know the reason for the differing surname's as his daughter BRITTIE LEE MCCALL married a HOLLAND bore it to the best of my knowledge. One other daughter was listed as being HATTIE LEE BROWN living in NC. Please, contact me if there is a connection as I would like to corrospond and share information, photo's, etc. Thank You!!!
Virginia Teague Autry
Looking for Teague's around Texarkana, Tx. and Ellis Co. Tx. Parents of my ggrandfather, Henry Harding Teague. I think he was born about 1844 in Arkansas.
Dianna Teague Curtis
My greatgreat-grandfather is Edward Matthew Teague born ca 1827-1729 in North Carolina. He died April 12, 1912 in Matagorda County, Texas and is buried in the Old Hawley Cemetery at Midfield, Matagorda County. He married Elizbeth Sanderlin. She was born ca 1839 and died ca 1875 in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Edward Matthew Teague served as 2nd Lt., Co. D., 32 Arkansas Infantry in thye Civil War. He had brother A.S. Teague born in North Carolina who lived at Troup, Smith County, Texas and died Nov. 7, 1902 and buried at troup. He reprotedly had anoth brother named Will who died ca 1912-1914 at tyler, Texas. His son is William Edward Teague who was born in Woodruff County, Ark. He married 1. Maggie Ellison she died at the time of brith of a son. William Edward Teague married 2. Fannie Cornelia Bivens. She was born October 18, 1872 in Texas She is my greatgrandmother. He died October 22, 1922 in Bell County Texas and Fannie died Feb. 13, 1946 in Bell County Texas. Their son is my grandfather Clifton Teague and he was born January 24, 1902 and died in November 7, 1979 in Sherman Grayson County Texas. He married Jo Lisenbe of Bell County Texas on September 23, 1922. I am having a hard time locating any Teague that might have some information on our family. Would love to hear from anyone that might know anything about us.
linda june kornas
1. George Simpson Teague -born 12-6-1843 Died 1882 Wife Mattie Oliva Howele-born 1-17-1852 died 1936 8 sons John, Pete,Bee, Tom,Dotrige,CD, Grover & Ben 3 daughters Isora, Dolly & Bessie 2. Benjamin Howel Teague born 12-11-1893@Tallaposa, Ga died 12-3-1983 Wife Nora Ann Faulkner born 6-3-1898@Heflin Ala. died 11-23-70 (both buried in Akron Ohio At Hillside cemetery) 4 sons Clarence Howle Teague born 7-2-23 nickname (Jack) Howard Clarmon Teague born 4-2-27 died 11-9-61 Nathan Enis Teague born 11-29-31 Oliver Eugene Teague born 3-30-36 2 daughters Lillian Arlene born 6-23-30 Della Opaljean born 3-10-34 father Howard Clarmon Teague mother June Marie Crew had 1 son David Michael Teague born 3-17-1957 died 2 daughters Linda June Teague born 8-16-1949 Shari Marie Teague born 12-7-1959
I am looking for any information on a William or Bill Teague in Arkansas during the 1850's to the 1900's. I have a Burrell Teague who was born in 1869 or 1870 in Crawford County, AR. He married Julia Hall, daughter of Lewis Hall and Nancy Graves Hand. Burrell, according to his death certificate, was the son of Bill Teague and Lucinda Butler Teague. I have information on this family in the 1870 census, but nothing after that. Any help would be appreciated.
Maria L. Hall
I'm trying to locate any information on Henry Lafayette (Fate) Teague. Henry was born 2 Oct. 1861. His parents were Van Teague and Antha Abshire. I believe that Van was born in Alexander County, NC then moved to Wilkes County Carolina where he married Martha Ann Shumate. I am having difficulty verifying his father's name,(Van, Vann, Vanderson, Vandover???). I am also trying to find out the exact names of his children. Henry died, (according to my family bible) on 24 Aug. 1924. Any help will be appreciated.
Joanna Teague Bielak
I have been fairly successful in researching my Teague lines down to my Great-grand father Luke Abel Teague of Madisonville,KY. Willing to share and eager to learn more.
Michelle George
Robert Lee Teague b. 1-20-1892 d. 1931, my great grandfather.
Gina Kaminski I have no specific timeframe. I looking for the parent and sibling history of Joseph Franklin Teague. I know at one time he lived in Mount Vernon, Texas. It has been said that his father came from Ireland and his mother was of German decent. Joseph had 9 children from his first marriage, Audie, Dale, LeRoy, Lloyd, Felter, Grady, Katie, Faye, and Lonnie. His second marriage produced one son, Joe Jr. I am the great-grand daughter of Joseph. Audie was my grandfather At some point in his life he relocated to Livingston, Texas. His approximate year of death is 1957.
Michael Pumphrey I am searching for information on the family line of: GERALD PRESTON TEAGUE who was born around 1893 and died in 1947 in Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas. His spouse was Ione Cockrell, and he had three daughters. Many of his family members were known to have lived in the community of Zephyr in Brown County, Texas. Thanks.
Nancy Teague Ballard North Carolina, John Teague Iredell County b 1751 , NC (need place of burial). Elmarie Teague b 1924 and Henry H Worley's Marriage dated Could be Alexander co, Chathaum Co NC or even Gilmer Co Ga, or Ga. Divorce date too. Searched a long time.My line Robert Teague Buncombe County NC 1874 Ambrose 1853 Robert Madison County NC 1809, Edward Teague Burke County 1872, John 1751 Edward 1716, ---
Bill Brunelle TEAGUES of LOWELL, MA, PHILADLEPHIA, and ROCHESTER, NH My ancestor, Lanty Teague, was born in May 1823 in Ireland, possibly County Tyrone or elsewhere in Ulster. His given name may have been Launcelot. In 1848 he married in Ireland to Catherine O'Neil (b.1827) and they emigrated to the US in 1872, probably with at least two sons (James and Patrick) and two daughters (Sarah and Catherine). Lanty, his wife and daughters settled in Lowell, Mass. although the two sons were in Philadelphia by 1907. Their daughter Catherine (b. 1865-1868) was my great grandmother. The 1880 US Census lists another daughter, Delia, born in Mass., who could have been their granddaughter (daughter of Sarah?). The family lived in the Belvidere section of Lowell. Lanty, his wife Catherine, and his daughter Sarah all died in Lowell in 1907. Survivors according to obituaries included James Teague and Patrick Teague of Philadelphia, Misses Lizzie and Nellie Teague of Rochester, NH, Daughter Catherine (Teague) McCarron died there in 1938, Delia in 1961. Does anyone have any additional information on this Teague family? Or of possible relatives who might have immigrated about the same time or soon before Lanty and Catherine? I have some information to share as to their origins in Ireland and descendants (female lines only so far) in the US.
Alison Craven I am looking for information on my great grandfather Genatius Teague. On one document, we also found the name spelled as Teege. I don't really know much. He had a son named William Franklin Teague, a daughter named Willie, and several other children. He lived in Louisiana at the time William Franklin Teague was born in 1906. If you have any information or can lead me to any other resources, I would appreciate it
Gary Conley I've just gotten home from another Freeman / Chambers reunion in Douglas County, Mo. Once again several relatives are telling me that Sarah Jane Teague ( b. 1837 in Wilkes County N.C. - parents James Teague & Lavinia Odom - married to John Washington Freeman 10 Jan. 1858 in Union County, Ga.)was a Cherokee Indian. I've taken both the Teagues & Odoms back a hundred years +/- prior to 1837 and have not found anything that even hints at a Cherokee connection with the exception of a picture of George Teague and his family, Sarah Teague's brother, taken 1885 +/- in Tahlequah, Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Could anyone help me out on this.
Bryan Ratliff Looking for information on Hulda Teague and husband Richard Ratliff. Hulda was born Sept. 1838 in Kendal Co. Tx. Father was William Teague mother Elizabeth Bales. Grandparents were John David Teague, Jacob Bales and Rebecca Addamson. Any help would be appreciated
Rodney Wade Teague Rodney Wade Teague 2-24-1966------->? son Jimmie Teague 2-22-1926------->1997 father William Dillar Teague 2-18-1897------->deceased grandfather Thomas Jefferson Teague 08-08-1861------->deceased greatgrandfather Bill Teague ?????????????????>deceased great11grandfather
irene Myres My brothers name was Horace Francis Teague. His and my fathers name was Horace Bud Teague (around 1900). Grandfathers name was also Horace and he was a Methodist preacher. Our father had three brothers (Al, bill Frank) and two sisters (Mattie and Rose). Frank lived in Memphis Tenn. around 1912. Horace Bud (grandfather) born Sept 18, 1874 warwich county Indiana, Boonville county seat. religion-Catholic.
Jeanette Pitts Burr Martha Teague B Sept 30, 1802 Married Isaac Pitts April 14, 1822 and their decendants
Dottie Kern searching for information on relatives of Daniel Boone Teague b.June 9,1865 in Izard Co. Arkansas Married Nancy Elmira Qualls Dec. 21,1887 in Stone Co. Arkansas
Mary Foster Ludvigsen Nimrod Teague (1773-1827) and his wife Lydia (1776- ) had daughter Eleanor/Ellen/Ellender Teague. Circumstantial evidence indicates she married 1820 in McMinn To., TN to William Dixon (1796-1865), where both died and are buried. I would welcome an information exchange about them (my g-g-grandparents).
barbara rossiter interested in Hannah.p.TEAGUE,MY my great grandmother, married to JOHN, BURCK born 2/28/1846, died2/13/1921. we have a lot of info on teagues but thought you might have some thing on JOHN BURCK. I HAVE PIC OF SOME OF THE TEAGUES FROM A OLD ALBUM OF MY GRAND MOTHERS
Mary and Ray Teague Teague, Staley, Keziah, Tate, Gentry & Whitley
Dinah Greene My Great Grandfather Henry Harding Teague passed away in September 1958. He was living in McKinney, Texas at the time. We have no birthdate. We have no parents for him. My Mother seems to think he came from Missouri. I have tried and tried to find his parents, not sure if he had brother or sisters. I would appreciate any information on this. Thank you. He was married to Edna Earl Gibson who passed away in 1973, in McKinney, Texas. She was 93 when she passed away.
Laura Howard My Great Great Grandma was LUCY JANE TEAGUE born 1863 in Moscow, Fayette, TN. Married Warner Trew 3-13-1880 in McMinn TN. I have about 56 unidentified TEAGUE PHOTOS on line. They are very very old. Photos that are identified are Burrell Teague, Gus Teague & Cora SISCO Teague. Hoping someone can help. Maybe id these PHOTOS. Looking for info on Gfather Lige Alexander Tigue or Teague (b. 1875 or 76, d. 1951), lived first in TN, then in AL
Lewis Teague May My grandfather was Thomas Lewis Teague of Fayette, Mississippi. Raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Married Corrie Ledden of Fayette. Had a brother named Frank Teague of Victoria, Texas. Any links to Teagues in Texas?
Schroeder Pelzer, South Carolina about 1850-1950 I am looking for information on James King Solomon Teague, b. abt 1850, give or take a few years. He died between 1935-45. I was told by his GGrandaughter, that he was a Non Denominational, Circut Preacher. This is the information I have: James King Solomon Teague, b. abt. 1850?, d. 1935-45. He was married to Hester Head (d/o Austin Head and Elvira Crow). James K. S. and Hester Teague, had three known children; Marshall Teague, John Franklin Teague, m. Eva Batson, and Elizabeth Teague, b. 4 Nov 1885, Pickens Co., SC, d. 19 Jan 1960, Williamston, SC. Elizabeth Teague m. William John Reese, b. 2 Dec 1882, Oconee Co., SC, d. 21 May 1948, Pelzer, SC. Family Surnames are; Teague and Reese of South Carolina, Littleton and Hendrix of North Carolina. I am interested in James King Solomon Teague's family, but can use help on all of these family names.
scotty teague Needing information on TEAGUE's that took in two brothers around 1890 in Catawba or Alexander county N.C.The boys mom was full cherokee indian.Their parents died during a flu epidemic and no one could take care of them.So they took off walking but we don't know from where.We know the name of one.My grandpaw JOSEPH TEAGUE,born 1877.That's what his tomestone said.We are about sure that wasn't his name.We are told the boys were about 10 years old and being half-breeds it was hard on them.It is said that the other brother moved to TEXAS.JOSEPH did marry ANNER (ANNA)LUCINDA TRAVIS.Her mom was dutch and spoke no english.They had 10 or 11 children.And both are buried at St.John's Lutheran outside of Alexander county.We would like to honor the TEAGUE's and find out what our real family name is.We do have the bible.
Brooks Houston Teague My grandfather, Brooks Houston Teague, was born in MacDonald,TN. He lived most of his life in Chattanooga, TN. I am interested in any and all of the Teagues.
Steve (Larry) Teague I am looking for any information on my father. I am STeve Larry Teague. I wa born in 1948 in Waco, Tx. My father is STeve Teague (bourn in Star Texas) My mother is Virginia Torrence ( of Herclaneum Mo.) All I know about my father is that he ran taxis in waco, I believe. He tried to contact me at one time through my grandma (Emma STumpf) She lost his number before she could ask me. I would like to have any information about this side of my heritage. Please contact me.
Hubert Ernest Teague I was born in 1974 in Oregon. My grandfather lived in Oregon and his name was Robert Ernest Teague. He was not originally from Oregon and I believe he lived in Oklahoma at one time, before going to Oregon.
Fred Teague My gfather was Horace (aka Harris) Teague; b about 1830. Several documents name his father as Abel. I am trying to establish this link. Most likely possibilities are Abel born 1809 who married Mary Jane Denton in 1833; did he have a family earlier?...or, Abel b 1775 and who married Patsy Flannery in 1806; their children do not include Horace; did he have another family after Patsy?
Charles Ochoa Maternal Grandfather, John Franklin Teague, 1886-1956 Born & died in Arizona Maternal g. Granfather, John Border Teague, from Teague Texas, Married Flora Davidson July 17, 1883, in Ft. Davis Texas, en route to Arizona, John B. died in 1905, Prescott, AZ. Family story says they were "held up" by Billy the Kid in New Mexico. I don't have any info further beyond John Border Teague.
Doran Teague I've continued to search for information regarding the parents or siblings of Wymer Teague (b.1813-IN;d.1905-KS). Based on Indiana Census data, it is possible that Wymer may be the eldest son of Elijah (1788-1852. Elijah's first wife probably died 1826-1831. He married his second wife, Cathy Rudycil, 17 February 1831, and the marriage is recorded in Knox County, IN. Any information regarding Wymer and his ancesters, will be deeply appreciated.
sharon teague skidmore my great-grandfathers name was pierce teague 2-28-1861 died 9-1-1934 married to georgian teague 10-01-1865 died 7-23-1937 had 11 children in taney county grandfather herman teague was one of them. i havent been able to find any of pierce teagues ancestors. can any one steer me in the right direction?
Virginia Tague Parks Tagues or sometime Teague in Trimble County, KY.
nell mann Am trying to find more info, especially ancestors, of 4 Teague bros., some born in Tx., some in La. All migrated from La. to Tx. > Ok. probably in 1880's. All four, Anderson, Hiram, Billy, and John (called Jack) married four Pillsbury sisters: Fanny, Nancy, Tennessee and Parilee. Bros. may also have had sister named Tennie.
Quinton Teague I would like to find out any information on Quinton Teague who was born on June 5 1920 and died in Oct. of 1968. I believe he was born in Tennessee and died in Ohio. He was married to Mary Teague (maiden name Adcock). Any information would be helpful. Thanks
James Edwin Teague I am a great-greatgrandson of Jackson Lee Teague. My search is for his son my grand-father Miff Allen Teague. Jackson was born in 1868 in Tenn. he also died in Ripshin,Tenn.1974. The records that I found do not list the name Miff Allen . The name that is listed in web page is Miffen Teague. My father's name is Robert Lee Teague born Sept.6 1926 he died Feb.2000. His mother was Letha Tuttle Teague born Dec.25,1897 died Oct.1986. Both were buried in a cemetery on Ripshin Mountain Tenn. If any of my cousin's have information about Miff Allen Teague please e-mail with this information.
Charles K. Teague the Ward and Teague families in and around Boone, North Carolina in the 1920's and 30's
Rosalie Prescott Mary Elizabeth Teague,b1861 in Fayette Co. Tn., my grandmother, she maried George Washington Chambers in 1887 in Fayette Co. Tn.They had four children, Alvah, Abner,{ my dad} Effie and Flora.Mary died in 1919 in Fayette Co.Tn. I would very much like to find her line.
Christy Hicks Lowrey I am searching for the ancestors of Vanderson Teague, born abt. 1825 in Alexander Co., NC who married Authia Price. She, too, was born in Alexander Co., NC abt. 1840. My line comes through their son, Henry Lafayette "Fate" Teague who was born October 2, 1861 in Alexander Co., NC. He married Mary Ann Shumate on December 12, 1885 in Wilkes Co., NC and died there on August 24, 1924. I would appreciate any help!!!
bob I am researching my g-grandfather Joshua Monroe Teague b. 1872 d. 1935 in Gaston County, NC and his uncle who raised him, Baldin T. "Kirby" Teague b. 1825(?) d.between 1900and 1910 in Gaston County, NC. Family lore says that Kirby was a Quaker...I have not verified this. I cannot seem to find info on Monroe due to his "adoption". Any help would be appreciated. My grandmother, Vergie, was Monroe's oldest daughter. She was born January 4, 1892 and died September 4, 1981.
Roy Chadwick Helen Teague married Charles H Chadwick,she was born about 1880,i believe in Marion Co Tn,and lived near Ft Payne AL,her parents were Dolphus Teague,and Hannah Oneal
Michelle cox Smith Hi I'm from Cordele Georiga.Cora Jane Teague and David Columbus Pettit was my Greatgrand parents.My grandmother was Una Inez Pettit Pope Etheridge. My mother is Glenis Ann Pope Cox.My name is Anna Michelle Cox Smith and my daughter is Erica Lachelle Smith. I'm looking for Tiffany Shoop. Does any one knows how i can get in touch with her.
Angela Foreman My gggrandmother: Mary Marcella Teague b. Aug 11, 1859 pb. Georgia d. Apr 29, 1943 pd. Colony, Oklahoma Her father: John Teague *possibly from Georgia Her mother: Mary Ledford This is all I really know on my Teague line. My gggrandmother, Mary, moved to Tennessee and married James Franklin Shamblin sometime after 1880. Soon after 1900, they again moved, this time to Oklahoma. Settled in Colony, Ok.
Maria L. Hall I am looking for any decendants of H.F. Teague. He was born October 2,1861. He was my great-grandfather. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who was related to him. I am trying to locate the ancestors of Daisy A. Teague. She was born August 5, 1896. She was my great-grandmother. She was also known as Verdie Teague Harrald. She was married to Avery Harrald. She died May 16, 1932. She had 6 children, John Haru, Issac, Victoria, Jessie, Margie, and Rose. I found all of this information in an old bible that belonged to my grandfather, John Haru Harrald. Any information on this family lineage would be appreciated.
Lyle A. Teague
Samuel & Rebecca {Furnas} Teague, Waynesville, Miami Co., OH-1799-1805 - I am specifically looking for a death date of Rebecca. She was born in 1764, around Charleston Harbor, SC. She is the daughter of John & Mary Furnas. She & Samuel are my Great Great Great Grandparents. They were members of the Friends Church at Bush River, SC. but moved to OH and it is claimed they held some position in the church there. It is also claimed they were the first ones buried in the "Union Cemetery" Miami, OH. Any help is appreciated.
Carolyn Teague Trying to connect a Logan Teague To David L. Teague b. 1872 in either North Carolina or Tennessee. I have death certificate for David which states he was born in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Married to Frainne (unknown)born in North Carolina. No dates. Have found a Logan Teague married to a Frannie in North Carolina with a son Dave born 6/23/1872 same as my David L. but can't find any census or any records that have Dave as David.
Pat Martin My Grandfather John N. Teague was born in Indiana Aug 1850. His Mother and Father were born in New York. He was deaf, as was his wife Belle Merrill. They lived in Monticello,were my Mother was born in 1905 Nellie Margaret Teague. Since they were unable to talk not much information was passed down. John N Teague died in Monticello Jan 15, 1916. He was buried there, but later was moved to cemetery in Attica, In.
patrick d. teague father michael teague or nappy . born nov. 22 1903 lowell n.c. died spokane wash. nov.1975 father & mother joshia monroe teague laura fertimey queen teague had sisters laney zanney lucy vergie brother marshall killed in war ? not sure about other family . would like some help finding more background .
June Tracy MacNair Isaac Teague m. int. Jane Hussey 25 Oct. 1792 Newcastle, ME John Teague m. int. Mary Hussey 15 Oct. 1793 Newcastle, ME
Carole Junkins Whitesell Jane Ann Teague married William Woodward Junkins 1853 - Alabama mostly Morgan county.
Keith Black I am tring to find out where my grandfather is from.ANDERSON BABE TEAGUE lived in Occonee county SC.I know he had some American Indian in him.Any information would be greatly appreciated.
James Earl Teague Texas: 1800's to present. My Parents: Riley Heflin Teague/Lula Biship Teague, Floyd County. My Grandparents: James Rural Teague/Emma Lutitia Heflin Teague Riley's siblings: Linnie Bell Teague, John D. Teague, Milton Teague, Mabel Teague, E.L. Teague. My siblings: Wanda Sue Teague, Roy Heflin Teague, Rodney Kent Teague, Keith Lynn Teague. Looking for father of James Rural Teague: John is all I have, possibly lived around Cleburne, Texas.
Mary Austin James Richard Teague, Born 8-5-1858, Cotton Gin, Texas Married Anna Kate Munger in Mexia, Texas Four Children: Minnie Kate Teague Willie May Teage Ethel Munger Teage John Robert Teague James Richard Teague would be my great grandfather. I have no further information on him, so I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.
Suzanne Presley Interested in all knowledge of the family. Submitted papers to DAR 2/2001.
Dave Larrimore
Lida Mary Teague is my grandmother
Randy Teague I am looking for basically a starting point with little or no research Origins from Europe, possibly Ireland
Bev Teague I am looking for information on the children of John Riley Teague born MO. his children were. Andrew J. Teague b.abt 1866-1867 Hugh Francis Teague b. Aug 11, 1869 Nancy Jane Teague b. abt 1871 James Allen Teague b. abt 1876-1880 diffent records state his age different Millissa C. Teague b. abt 1878 James Allen married Ida Elizabeth Harguess. I have just been told that Nancy Jane and Millissa C. Married bothers Will and Henry Harguess brothers to Ida Harguess wife of James Allen. Does anyone have any information on this. Also does anyone know the birth place of Huge Francis or the rest of the siblings. James Allen was suppose to have been born in MO. but have been unable to find that census that he is on with his family.
Charles Teague Looking for any information on my grandfather, Arthur Paul (AP) Teague originally from Gaffney SC. He married Ida Ingram and had two sons, Charles (my father) and Allen, two daughters Sara and Doris. Appreciate any infor.
David Perry Looking for genological information on Teague relatives: Mothers name - Katherine Teague Grandparents - John R Teague Ethel Ussery Teague John R. Born @ Gafney South Carolina in mid 1880s - lived in Gaston and Cabarrus Counties in NC. Pre WW1 veteran. Died in 1943. Was barber by profession. Children in addition to Katherine - Mable, Ralph, John, Harold
John Patrick Curley I am searching for Teague's in Northeastern Alabama. Specifically Dekalb and Cherokee counties. Timeframe would be 1820 to 1920ish. Looking for Calvin Magness Teague or possibly Magness Calvin Teague, His wife Isabella Gabriella Parks. Their son William Magness Teague is my great grandfather. William Magness Teague married Ellie Lillian Tucker and had 8 children Grace b.1900, Lucille, Eloise, Marie, Bernice b.1911 my grandmother, Margaret(Dickie), Will, and Glen. Any and all help sincerely appreciated.
Leslie Dill All I know is that my great grandfather was a Malin Teague who married a Barcelona Wilson in the 1870's and their daughter my grand mother was Maudie Lee Teague born 4-11-1894 died 5-06-1973 who married a Washington Irvin Chandler about 1907 or so
Sean Teague I'm trying to fill in the children of Craig Gillis Teague (b June 01, 1859 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee; d April 02, 1920 in Egan, Tennessee; buried in Roses Creek cemetery, Campbell Co. Tennessee)who was married to Mary E. Lambdin. I believe one of their 28-32 children was Garrett Teague (b April 10, 1889; d May 28, 1936; buried in Roses Creek cemetery, Campbell Co. Tennessee) who was married to Martha UNKNOWN. Garrett was my Great Grand Father. Lineage: Edward Teague, Maryland -> William Teague & Isabella E. Pennington, Maryland -> Moses Teague & Elizabeth Loftin/Rachel Taylor -> William Able Teague & Elizabeth, NC & KY -> Joshua Teague & Elizabeth Siler, NC & TN -> James Michael Teague & Abigail Hamblen -> Calvin Teague & Virginia Jane Buchanan -> Craig Gillis Teague & Mary E. Lambdin -> Garrett Teague & Martha ? -> Craig G. Teague & Mary Tennessee Marlow -> Bennie Kay Teague & Lola Jean Schultz
Lilly B. Hyder John Teague and Lucinda Ermine married in Washington Co in the mid 1800's. Exact birthdates unknown. Resided in Washington and Carter Counties, Tennessee. Childen were Sam, Will,George, Bob, Charlie, Sally, Carrie and Fanny. I am the child of Carrie Jane and Lige Forbes. I do not know any thing beyond my grandparents and have lost touch with this line of the family.
Teresa French John Franklin Teague - 1874-1949, Alabama Joseph Hurst Teague - 1898-1971, Alabama
Ed Easlick Louisa M (Annie) Teague was born to Benjamin Teague, b. 1798, SC, and Esther Sadler, b. 1797, SC, in Arbacoochee, Cleburne Co., AL, about 1840. Louisa married my great grandfather Malcom McEachern (b. Feb 1837, NC) in Cleburne Co., AL, abt 1865, and bore him at least 8 children--the last, G M (male), b. Dec 1881. Malcom and Louisa last appeared in Arbacoochee in the 1880 Census. Malcom, with three children (John M, 22; Mary E, 25; and G E, 18), showed in the 1900 Census for Paris, Lamar County, TX. Louisa was missing but, oddly enough, Malcom's marital status was indicated as "married" for that enumeration.. I'd like to know if Louisa died in Cleburne County, her burial place, and the whereabouts of Malcom subsequent to his Paris appearance 1900. I also have no continuity for his children from that period as well. I have tracked Malcom and Louisa's son, Benjamin (wife Martha Evelyn Morris), to Paris, Lamar Co., TX, as early as June 1902, as that is where my mother, Anna McEachern, was born (in 1902). Benjamin may have joined up with his father in Paris after the 1900 enumeration, but Ben's location in 1900 may have been Cedartown/Rockmark, GA, and possibly with his wife's parents, the Reverand Hilliard (d, 11 Nov 1891) and Sarah Ann Morris. Ben and Martha & family next appeared in Halford Twp, Marshall County, OK, where they had settled about 1907 and which place they lived until, at least, 1910, per the Federal Census. I'd appreciate any clue or suggestions.
Madeline Van Hoose Hiram Boone Teague who married Nancy Pillbury (probably in Louisiana). From LA to TX to OK. Lived in Marshall Co., OK at 1910 census.
Robert Hedgcock Looking for the parents of Elizabeth Naomi Teaque Family records/tradition state that my ancestor John Hitchcock married Keziah Delphina Welch, daughter of Delbert William Welch and Elizabeth Naomi Teaque, in Cecil Co, MD c. 1776 before migrating to Guilford Co, NC Feb 1777. Keziah was born in Cecil Co, MD c. 1759. Isaac Teague, a relative who also migrated to NC, was present when Keziah gave birth to his first child in Guilford Co. Can anyone help me?
Donnie Wayne Teague I am searching for any info. on William Asbury Teague
Amy McKinnis my gfather was Leonard Urquahart Teague(1913-1992)who married Edith Thompson. His bro and sisters (from Alabama) were James Edgar, Living sister,Flora Mae. Their Parents were Luther Urquahart(b.1883) and Maud Jordan(b.1888) both born in Oxford Alabama. Luther's parents were Josh Teague(1852-1924 Bibb Co.,AL)and Mollie Wright(1854-1930). Any Information would be cherished! thanks.
Shanna Porter I haven't done any geneaology whatsoever, but I am excited to get into it. This is the first website I have been to. I am a descendant of WIlliam Thain (husband to Susanna Teague, and am trying to find earlier descendants of Susanna if you have any information. I am also excited to meet cousins whever they may be. Thanks.
Terryl Wharton Seeking persons who are familiar with the name Robert Carson Teague. I believe he was married to an Agnes Howell Wharton, at least by 1941.
Robert Derrick Teague Caney Teague from Western North Carolina 1860s-1880 was in NC c1870s. Moved west from NC. His father was Robert Teague and Elizabeth Hawkins from Western North Carolina, (both are buried in Teague's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Madison County North Carolina.
Shelley Teague Wallis Looking for Teagues from Northern Missouri. Grandmother was Marie Teague. Father is Thomas Ray Teague.
Shelia Bosher Looking for ancestors of John R. Teague, born 1827 in Moore Co, NC; d 8 Jan 1880 in Cass County, Texas; marr 23 Dec 1855 in Cass Co., TX to Mary Jane Fortune Boston. In 1850, John was in Henderson Co., TN in household of Evan Teague, who was the son of Isaac J. Teague and Amy Rebekah Lawler. I have not been able to establish the link between John R. and this family.
Cheryl A Teague Viola Teague 1905 appx - 1959 Henry Teague 1905 appx - 1970 Marshall L Teague 1932 Cheryl A Teague 1956 Hickory North Carolina Cherokee Indian Heritage
Cynthia Shores Hi. My name is Cynthia Shores. I am searching on my great, great grandfather, Lorenzo Dow Teague who married to Elizabeth Ross Kidd. Do any of you related to them? Great, great grandparents Lorenzo Dow Teague Elizabeth Ross Kidd Great grandparents John Newan Shores Olive Teague Grandparents Tom Shores Leona Camp My parents Junior Ray Shores Jo Ann Jones I would like to know more about Lorenzo Teague's family and his brothers and sisters. P.S. Please let me know if you are related to them or not. Cousin? Cynthia S.
Becky Gates I'm looking for the parents of Cordelia L Teague born abt 1822 in Canada. She died 19 Jun 1899 in Racine Wisconsin and married 26 Dec 1841 to Lyman Hall Cahoon.
Rhonda Mefford Joseph H. Teague b.1849 Pettis Co. Mo. James A? Teague b.1814 Rowan NC Moses Teague b. 1791 Rowan Co.NC Aaron Teague b.1770 Rowan Co. NC Moses Teague b.?
Norma Ann Hyatt Descendant of Nancy Teague, born 1833, in Parke County, Indiana, USA. Nancy married Benjamin Franklin Engle in Parke County in 1853. Line runs Edward (original immigrant); William; Moses; Jacob; John; Henry; Nancy Teague.
JBob Self John William Teague, born 1798, d. 1856, buried seven mile Baptist Church Cemetary, out from Wilsonville , Al. He married a Davis. Our gg grandfather.
Kelly Teague Trobaugh Am looking for any information on my fathers family Teague, His father was Wilford A. Teague and Mother Ada Teague. My father is Amos Wilford Teague and I think was born in Ky ?somewhere around Hopkins county? His parents moved to Fort Myers Florida and both died there. Wilford had many brothers and I know nothing about Ada. I wish to be able to pass some information down to my boys about their heritage. If you have any information please help. Just starting on this.
Kent Lewis Eldred B Teague b.20 Jan 1820 d.24 Nov 1901 I would like to have a list of his Ancesters
Cheri Teague I am looking for information about Dillard Teague from eastern okla. b.a. 1898 d.a.1970 I would like to find out his parents names.He was my husbands great grandfather. All we know is he had been a horse trader in the past and that he lived in eastern okla. at least in the latter part of his life.The names of some of his children were Sonny,Juanita,Chuck,and Jimmy. There were a couple of other children but we are not sure of the names.Any information would be much appreciated.
Patt Thomas Looking for anyone with info about Isaac Teague born around 1822 Wilkes County, NC. Married Myra Ledford born 1825 Macon County, NC. In 1880 this family was living in Union County, Ga. Cooper's Creek Dist. House #158 Isaac had died by this time Listed were Myra Teague, age 55,widow, Lucinda,age 25, dau, Mary, age 19, Lidda (Lydia)age 17. Please e-mail me if you know anything about this family. Thanks, Patt
Courtney L. Teague My grandfather is from Shady Grove,AL. I reside in Montgomery, Alabama. I have relatives in Detroit, Michgan. That is all that I know about them. For more information email me please.
Carol Roofe Teague Just trying to find more info on the Teague family for my children. Their grandfather was Coit Roy Teague

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